Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ooh two blogs this weekend, check me out! A brief look back at the last few weeks…in true drama queen style, I have gone from being in intensive care with a slim chance of surviving the next 24 hours, to 21 days later, sitting at my gorgeous friends wedding, in a luscious dress with a fascinator (yes that is its real name and yes I do love that word) in my hair. And those 21 days have not been very straightforward either, I have been completely bewildered as to where I am now, so if you have managed to follow my progress and understand it all big giant smartie award to you!

So, where am I now exactly? (I don’t mean location wise, as by looking around my room even I can deduce that I am still in hospital, I mean health-wise.) This is a rather hard question to answer. Following previous pnuemothoraces, I have had operations to remove the damaged part of the lung which has popped, and then to stick the rest to the lining to try and prevent further collapses. However this time I was not well enough, therefore the cyst is still there. However the good news is, having a chest drain in makes the lung lining all angry and inflamed, which in turn causes the lung to stick a bit anyway, so half of the procedure has sort of been done. Kind of as if I have had it stuck, but done by some cowboy in a slapdash fashion, instead of by a surgeon.

Because no new drain was put in, I still have a nice big patch of air in front of the top of my lung. This poses two potential problems, one that pressure might increase causing it to come down again, and two that it reduces my lung capacity as my lung is still partially collapsed. However the drain has been out for over 48 hours now suggesting that further collapse from Monday’s episode is very unlikely, yay! Plus, the good news about it being the top of my lung which is all deflatey is that it was pretty much useless in the first place, so I wont really miss it that much as it was merely lounging around on a sofa eating crisps instead of doing any work even before it collapsed. The patch of air sitting on top of my lung should slowly resolve itself anyway, this would probably take several weeks, and there is a chance it won’t do so, we shall just have to wait and see.

The surgeon came round this morning and listened to my chest, and was pleased with what she heard. She said that my left and right bases now sound the same, meaning my right base must be pretty much fully inflated and we already know from the CT scan that it is well stuck. This is fantabulous news, as it is my bases which are the healthy(est) bits of lung, so if I was going to specify a bit of lung I wanted to be safe, it would be the base lobe. So hurrah for that!

Due to large patch of air remaining and frankly a huge fear on my part, integration back home will be a steady and strongly supported one. I am heading back to Foulis later today as I still have the strength of a sparrow – yesterday was a bit of an eye-opener, as when I arrived at my parents, I really struggled stepping onto the tiny step they have at their front door – plus cannot talk for nearly as long as I would like, a travesty I am sure you would all agree. I want to start working my way towards returning home, perhaps for the odd day at first, then overnight, and so on. Oh and of course, getting my walking back on track so I can at least walk some of the track on September 3rd! Essentially it is a matter of taking it one day at a time, and focusing on the good and not the bad, the hopeful and not the what-ifs, but then again, that’s what life is all about.


Anonymous said...

Yay for your strength and determination.

Keep strong. xx

Anonymous said...

just caught up with the last weeks's updates... so so glad you are still on the mend and so positive aswell! Your blogs really are wonderful to read - they make me laugh and cry every time!
All fingers etc still crossed for you, and much much love,
Pip (your Mum's friend)xxx

Anonymous said...

Yay you!! Big well done to you and your lungs!!
Thanks for sending me the pic, still can't see it on here, but it looks fab on my email and you look lovely hun.
Keep up the good work, take it easy and do as you're told!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing courage and determination ., a true inspiration to us all...;)

Thanx for the updates as we do think about you.....

hugz Elaine Rach & family xxx (Wilts)

Anonymous said...

You are a true inspiration to us all, every time you get knocked down you find the strength to keep fighting and always bounce back! Well done and keep it up..

Loads of love

Sandy xx

Anonymous said...

I am humbled by your strength and courage. *hugs*


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that your lungs are behaving at the moment :) Keep strong and keep smiling - we all believe in you! Lots of love and hugs x

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily,

I am so pleased your lungs are behaving and things are looking up at last. I've been following your progress for the last few weeks and even though I've said it before, your determination and strength inspires me to keep going.

Jen (from kidneypatientguide)

Anonymous said...

Em, I am so happy that you made Claire's wedding and in true style as always, I saw the pics and you looked wonderful!

Those naughty lungs have really put you through an awful lot in the past few weeks but here's to you getting home very soon and to your amazing determination..

Love you loads always

becky said...

Wow!!!! wat an amazing girly you are. You won't know me but I have been following your campaign and blogs for quite a long time. I had a liver tx 10 years ago and was made aware of your 'live life then give life' campaign by Liz Hosford. You are filled with determination and are one of the most amazing people ever. Glad you are getting stronger - keep fitting I know you will make it to the 3rd spetember with your fighting spirit.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so pleased you got to go the wedding! Lovely photo! Looking very pretty. Poppet yay! Its brilliant that you are being such a superhero. (you could be in that new film,my ex is a superhero or something!) anyway, I love you!
Will be up again soon. And carry on being so fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Out and about again! WDY!!

Keep up the good work :D

Best always,

~ James

Anonymous said...

You are amazing missus!