Saturday, August 12, 2006

The quickest of quick updates as I am soooo tired but firstly and most importantly I had the best day ever today as I MADE IT to the wedding! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! And here is a picture of me and the beautiful radiant bride as proof. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It was a gorgeous ceremony, and Mrs W, I wish you every future happiness as you so deserve it my special friend.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been back on HDU but this was predominantly a safety precaution. The last couple of days have been a tad draining (worst pun in the history of mankind I do apologise) but the short version is, I had my 4th pneumo which this time was at the front of the lung. Having realised the drain (at the back of the lung) was not only failing miserably at doing its job (not really its fault as it wasn’t in the right place) but was also wedged precariously right near a large vessel (a bit more its fault) they decided the clear and obvious answer to all my lung collapsing problems would be to have no drain at all. Weirdly I could not quite see this and so in a mature and calm manner I explained my concerns to the surgeon. Or I may have sobbed pathetically “go away you aren’t taking it out” at him, but that’s a minor detail. Quite a few hours of arguing and a LOT of discussion later (where they did in fact explain more fully that this was the only option as you cant put a drain in when the lung is technically up, we would have to wait for it to fall down again to put another one in anyway) as a compromise for my state of mind, we agreed to clamp the drain for 24 hours as if it all went wrong at least all they had to do was unclamp. It made me feel better anyway.

24 hours later with one lung hanging on with grim determination, out came the drain. It was then a question of wait and see, and happily, my lung behaved in an impeccable manner, so when the surgeon came in at 10am this morning to review my Xray (taken an hour previously) she confirmed that she felt it was safe for me to go. Hair, makeup and wardrobe arrived (aka my mum and sister) and then armed with a letter, which dictated exactly where my pneumo is situated and basically instructs any paramedic exactly what to do, I set out on my first proper trip away from the hospital. Yes it was scary but it was worth it a million times over and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Why do I ever bother writing “just a quick update” when anyone who knows me knows that will blatantly prove to be untrue!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Well done Emily that is amazing that you were able to attend the wedding. May you go from strength to strength and get home from hospital very soon. Thinking of you sweetie. Take care
Love Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Emily you look amazing. Absolutely sensational. I've met Johnny Depp today! (well a lookalike) told him about you and have a piccie to send you! Roll on September to show you said picture!
Love you loads
Katie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAY,so glad to hear you have internet access again :).You look beautiful in that picture,as you do in every picture.Give those lungs some sweetiebobbles from me,as they have been so well behaved today.

Head up young person and muchly hugs.

Nic x.

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely.

Very pleased to hear things continue to improve. xx

Sasha said...

Wow! Love the hat! Emily, you looked so beautiful. Delighted you made it to the wedding. But not surprised knowing your determination (or shall we call that stubborness?!!)
Lots of love Sxxxx

Anonymous said...

AWWW! Amazing pic!


Anonymous said...

Was wondering how you were doing - so glad to hear you're doing so well, well enough to be "let out"!!! Glad you had a great day, but I can't see the picture :(. Looking forward to seeing you next month more than ever!!!!
Take care.
xxxxxxxxxxx and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Awwww you & the bride look soo beautiful. :D Glad you manged to escape outta hospital even for a short while.
I posted a message on Lucys Blog the little girl who had a transplant last week?. Lets hope your turn will come very soon.......... ;)

Take care and hello to your family
best wishes Elaine Rach & family xxxxxx

Sarah Milne said...

YAAAAAY!!! You look so beautiful and so well! So glad you made it out. Hope you continue on the up and up and get out properly soon.
loads of love
Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, you both look beautiful! I'm so glad you made it to the wedding, and not at all surprised! I hope things keep looking up and you keep smiling! Loads of love x

Anonymous said...

you look stunning Emily. Hope over the next few weeks you grow from strength to strength. Well done to your lungs for behaving for the day!

Much love
Charlie xxx

Anonymous said...

How can you manage to look that beautiful when you have been that poorly? Glad you had a good day and hope each day just gets better. love and kisses from MoO and Grace xxxx

Music_Mad_Nic said...

glad to hear that you had such a womderful day, you & the bride look stunning, lets hope things continue to get better for you

love & hugs nic x

Anonymous said...

Looking strong and beautiful Em. And Claire-aw! Congrats! You both look a joy, an absoloute joy. BIIIIIIG hugs your way, miss. So much love to the fluffiest of the ducklings.xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

p.s. I've just noticed the hat! How topical that duckling comment was...the feathers are proof! (please note: by this I mean you are indeed the fluffiest of ducklings, and not that you have slain any to produce said hat :s)

Anonymous said...

Emily, you look gorgeous, your beautiful face disguises how naughty your lungs have behaved over the last month. I hope you start to feel better xxx Donna xxx