Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just a quick update; morning started very well with me managing to eat my entire cooked breakfast (I love the fact that is a good thing) and a nice long walk with the physio being my longest yet and at the fastest pace so far. Shortly after this, I began to get a bit of chest pain and pressure build up and noticed the drain was no longer hissing. Minor panic on my side, and the doctors were nice and calm, came and fiddled about with the drain which obediently started bubbling again. I got a chest Xray which showed that the lung was still fine, however they agreed that it did deflate again a bit when the drain became slightly obstructed as it is still in the position it was originally placed in when the lung was down, therefore now the lung is pretty well up it will bump into it and block it off every now and then (ooh I am so scientific me). I consoled myself by consuming hot chocolate and Christmas cake which had instant and magical cheering up effect (I am my mothers daughter), whilst they went off to have a chat about whether something should be done.

They decided to do a bit of wiggling (of the drain, not of themselves although that would have been more fun for everyone involved) and it all went swimmingly so drain is now slightly adjusted and hissing merrily and I am a tad sore but fine. The best thing I can take from teenytiny collapse is that it was teenytiny, i.e the lung did not throw its hands up in horror at having its drainage site blocked and collapse dramatically on the spot like previous diva behaviour. So it is obviously deciding to stick and play along nicely, yay go lung!


Anonymous said...

Yey for well behaved-even-though-knackered lungs! :) Glad to hear you're still doing ok, and great news about your walk! It's obviously the sweetiebobbles helping you along! Here's to lots more walks, lots more sweetiebobbles and obedient lungs! x

Anonymous said...

well done lungs for stopping that tantrum just in time! tell them that i'm proud of them this time and to stick at it until they're fully healed! and i just loooove the image of the doctors wiggling about merrily down the corridors of foulis...then the nurses and cleaners joining in, possibly with music and lights... ok stop it now, imagination going wild! lots of love! xxxx

Jenni said...

Yay Emily!
Yay Lungs!
I'm very proud of you both!
And yay for christmas cake, what would we do without it?
Luv ya huni.
Jenni. xx

Anonymous said...

wooo go lungs,they must have thought the better of going all diva-esque on you.I hope your keeping up the sweetiebobble consumption,I heard that those things could be a miracle cure,if only everyone else knew it!!!;)

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed you get out of there soon and live life to the utmost.

Bill H & Jax

Sasha said...

Only you Emily (and your wonderful Ma it sounds like!)could be eating Christmas Cake in August!! Now was it freshly made, or left overs?
Yay to your lung now playing nicely. Hopefully it is over its toddler tantrums now and will start being a grown up. Thank you for being so scientific as I understand your explanations perfectly!
Lots of sweetiebobbles and marzipan topping
Sasha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Emily many thanx for your lovely words post on KPG board. Really brought tears to my eyes....
Still sending positive vibes to you and keep look out for your card if poss have mailed it to CF ward-hope thats ok?

Anyhow (((hugz))) and good to see you feelin better take each day as it comes. ;)

(((hugz)) Elaine & Rach & family xx

sun is shining in Wiltshire ;D

Claire221082 said...

Message for lungs: If you would be so kind as to have any minor tantrums finished by this weekend I'd be very grateful as this will give your owner a whole week of rest before she gets a little excited at a particular event (though not as excited as me!)
(big hugs for you too Em!)

Zoe Cahill said...

Hi Emily
Sounds like you have had a pretty hectic few weeks, maybe a bit of an extreme way to get the lovely Mr Richard Madeley to come and visit you!
Sounds like you are doing well with each new day, keep up the physio and more importantly the cooked breakfasts and Christmas cake.
Hope you are surrounded by lots of pink fluffiness! Sounds like your pyjamas fit that description.

Lots of love and will keep checking this site for your news.
Zoe (used to be at the CF Trust) xxx

Anonymous said...

Bravo Lungs, it pleases me to hear you are co-operating. You can be quite pesky at times you know! And well, well done to your host, Miss Emy. In the words of Bruce Forsyth "hasn't she done well ladies and gents?"!! *strikes Brucie pose* love to you, Miss Booootiful Em. xxx
p.s. it does worry me that the christmas cake may be in league with my prehistoric oxo cubes...they do not make good bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily

So pleased you are making such marvellous progress. Shame I left the Brompton before I got a chance to see you. I just remember waving at you when you first came in by ambulance as you passed my room and you must have thought "who is that crazy woman waving at me"! Anyway I hope you get out very soon sweetie. Take care. Lots of love and hugs Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the wiggling doctors. Wonder if they read your blogs?
So glad you are progressing.
Love Kate & Alice