Saturday, September 29, 2007

*Warning this post may well bore any male readers*

I went shopping with some girlies today for wedding make-up. I don’t wear much (not base stuff anyway) so was at a bit of a loss where to start. I sat myself down at a well known brand’s counter and asked for “something that doesn’t really look like anything” (mmm coherent.) Anyway skipping quite a lot of colour matching and testing, I walked away with my first ever foundation. Ever.

Does that make me a real grown-up now?! The woman asked what my usual regime was and I was too embarrassed to say “er nothing skin has been the least of my worries” so I made it up. My friend whispered “why don’t you just say I’ve been ill?” but I suddenly went obscurely shy. Strange for me I know, as usually I will take the opportunity to tell anyone and everyone, but for some reason, wedding related stuff has bought out a new slightly more demure side of me (ha, A will be lucky if that lasts for the wedding itself).

When you are so poorly that sitting up takes incredible effort breathing wise, make-up hair and beauty tend to go a little neglected (except for when rather lovely cheering squad members paint your toenails/do you hair for you). I felt this new step into vanity was yet another indication of my transfer into the norm, I suppose I am still shedding elements of the ill me bit by bit, and I am not sure how long it will continue. I can see it going on a while as there are still lots of firsts to come.

I definitely care more about my image now. Actually I didn’t not care, but it’s just I felt too poorly to really enjoy putting on nice clothes etc. It’s so nice to be browsing the shops, looking for clothes which are pretty rather than what is comfy, what will allow me breathing space even when come evening I feel so out of puff I feel restricted in anything and everything.

That energy I had lost isn’t just useful for investing in sponsored walks and campaigning. It’s in doing all the little things again, those things which aren’t essential but are fun. Even taking a long bath is back into my regime, although I still get out sooner than I need through a subconscious fear of getting exhausted.

Speaking of which I am off to immerse myself in gorgeous hot bubbles...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely thing to do - shop for wedding make-up. I can remember doing exactly the same thing - my first foundation too!!!!
Saw Abby in Sainsbury's today - hardly recognised her with her uniform and georgeous hair!! Last time i looked she was 13!!!!!!
Lindy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yay for you Emily. Am not really much of a foundation expert myself, but lovely sparkly lip balm type things are simply the best.

Jake says hello.

Anonymous said...

that sounds rele good, i myself am more of a clothes shopper, buit i do like my bit of make up.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! But WHEN is the big day?????

Emmie said...

How do you make the bubbles hot? ;o) MWAH xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes when is the big day? Saw in the Woman Magazine of 10th September that you were to be featured in the next issue. I bought it( issue 17th September), but sadly there was no mention of you. Where did it go?
We can't wait to hear all the plans!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, wedding make up. Ours was a very informal 5 minutes at the registry office so I let the girl at Alders do my face. When she proudly showed me the final result I tried my best to look pleased. Then she asked me if I was going to get my hair done. It is done! I wanted to leave it there but my mouth started telling her that I was going through chemo and that actually, my hair was fabulous considering it was all meant to have fallen out....

....A small point - which annoys me just a little if I'm honest. You SO got away with not having make up and lovely hair dos because you are a naturally gorgeous girl. Without foundation I tend to frighten small children ....

YAY for shopping and make up and all the proper girlie things you can do now. Can't wait to see your wedding pics.

Sorry that was so long
Audrey xxx

Anonymous said...

Pamper uself Emily yey 'go girl' ;)
hugz xx

Anonymous said...

woops that was from Elaine lol xx
last comment go pamper uself ;)
hugz Elaine xx

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling!

I've had so many problems with a bloated tummy due to cf I haven't bought a pair of jeans or a skirt that I can't wear below my hips for years, which is always a bit of a pain.

However on a more cheerful note, I love getting home from hospital and having a scrummy bath, doing my legs, straightening my hair and generally tifying myself up after weeks of slobbing about!

Just another example of the little things that you probably would have never have said you 'really wanted to be able to do again' but yet for some reason almost means more than now being able to run for a bus.

Hurrah for you girlie INDULGE!!!

Anonymous said...

As for me for perfect makeup you must have the best foundation! All other things don't really matter;)