Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hydro active 2007.

I woke up bright and early raring to go. Long-suffering A was forced out of bed on his only day off to make me beans on toast (figured I probably needed something a bit more substantial than a cereal bar) and I in the meantime spent an inordinately long time donning my pinkandsparkly fairy costume.

I drove my grandma, (who in a fit of madness had signed up to walk it too) and grandpa up to Hyde Park, and complete with rather large and glaringly pink banner, we walked up the road towards the main gate. As we reached the meeting point, I could already see clusters of pink winged people and other bright yellow ladies (CF Trust T-shirts) I got a round of applause as I arrived and whooped appropriately in return.

After some meet and greeting plus plenty of posing for photos I hollered at the Angels to head towards the starting line as it was by this time 5 minutes to 11. We trouped across the field, me leading the way (ON FOOT still can’t believe it) and squeezed onto the track to join the other 20 000 odd ladies who were eagerly raring to go. Events like this are just such amazing examples of human spirit. People walking for loved ones, for those they have lost, for those that have overcome adversity…I just love the atmosphere.

We were whooping with glee as we set off, helped somewhat by the rather nice group of armysoldiermen who were waving at us from a balcony. I quickly lost interest in carrying the huge banner I had made and my ever faithful Angels took it in turn to carry it (mum swooping in if ever a camera came into view).

It was gloriously sunny with a strong breeze; fantastic for keeping cool, not so fun for those carrying the banner and trying not to take off. First k was fine, and the second, then pain round my ankles began to kick in. I could feel the fluid swishing around (mm) and my ankles tightening as they inflated even more. I was determined to keep up a good pace as after all this is supposed to be a challenge; so many wonderful people had sponsored us I felt I really had to keep going briskly to make it worth their while.

As we approached 4k my legs ankles and feet were really beginning to hurt. To keep myself going I just remembered how last year it had been my entire chest and my lungs aching and burning, and how incredibly lucky was I just to have dodgey fatfeet this year instead of tiny fading breathers. Seeing I was struggling a bit Lucy gave my hand a good squeeze; nothing said but enough done, I knew I would get to the finish.

In the final k we approached a slight incline, various angels getting behind me to give me a bit of a helping hand! Then suddenly I could see the leafy shaded corner and had a flashback to seeing my two grinning physios waving me over to get me out of the chair exactly a year ago.

We turned that final corner and were hit by a wall of cheers; people lining the edges of the course shouting and encouraging everyone on for those final 500 metres. We moved ever closer to the finish and I couldn’t suppress the joy that was bubbling up inside me. With a rather loud whoop I broke into a run hearing “oh god she’s running!” from various shocked Angels and sprinted (well stumbled) towards the finish line.

The feeling of joy was just indescribable; what a rush, what a buzz, I just felt so alive!! People were throwing their arms around me, hugging me, squeezing my shoulders, everyone just so thrilled to be part of an event which was a million miles away from last year.

It wasn’t until we moved towards where the medals were being handed out that the tears came. Never in a million years could I have dreamt how this summer would be. Every day is so amazing, days like this even more so. I love my life so much, am so incredibly lucky, and to be able to share so much joy and celebration with so many people was just fantastic.

My ankles are still a little swollen but I feel absolutely fine. I am still grinning from ear to ear about it all, a huge well done and thank you to all my angels and lets hope the money we have raised for the CF Trust will go to find a cure and prevent children born today going through what I have been through.


Some more piccies of the day:

I may have spotted the camera.

Thank you Angels xx


God, Love, Life and Rugby said...

EMily I appear to be blubbling at my desk.
I have been reading your blog since you were Justgiving's fundraiser of the month last year.
I run the Hysro Active for another charity but your story inspires and delights me.
Thank you for your love of life and all things pink.
And well done.
I don't know whether you know about this site:
Marathonfoto. Put your bib number and surname in and it comes up with 'official photos'
Here are yours:

Anonymous said...

You're a star, Em, and I was so proud to be a part of your team of fabulous angels :) Unfortunately I didn't get to see you cross the finish line, as I'd hoped I would, as we were all ushered along very quickly after finishing, but the photos are great - and it's so fantastic that you ran the last part! But you know what this means...next year you'll have to run the whole thing! ;)
Well done! :D xxx

Anonymous said...

Emily it was a privilege and was such a fab day. I will never forget when you took off with Angels CHASING you from behind, I can still see the look on your face as we all crossed the line more or less together.
Well done Em, what an inspiration you are to us all
Luv Maggie xxx

suzie said...

Oh heck I'm off again sniffin. I had thought the Hydro would make me cry this year because of the reminders of last year when Chris was in hospital. I was spot on about the crying but the tears were because of an overwhelming feeling of positivity and happiness. Seeing you run over that line was amazing Em, I wouldnt have missed it for anything and Chris would have been made up that I went.

Well done hun as always you are a huge inspiration to many people.


Lorraine said...

We spotted the finish line - thought we'd better get our camera's ready to take a picture of you walking across the finish line - looked up from setting camera's and you were hot footing it to the finish! We kept a hold of everything that bounces which shouln't bounce, but couldn't catch you up!!! (well I couldn't anyway!) What a massive difference a year has made - roll on next year - you'll have us running the whole way! xxx

Anonymous said...

well done emily
sounds like you had a truly amazing day
keep up all the hard work (not that any1 wud be able to stop you)
well done again

love jennie

Anonymous said...

Well done Emily! After last year's event, we're all amazed at what you've done this year. It helps us remember why we do what we do.

Simon and all the gang at Justgiving x

Anonymous said...

Emily, congratulations again. I'll be doing a Brain Tumor Awareness walk in Nov, hopefully I'll get the same support and encouragement.

Love, Randall

Kayz said...


Look at me I can answer to blogs now!!

I would like to say what a pleasure it was to be with you on Sunday, that I am in awe of what you have achieved and what a star you are.... but that would be boring and soooo not me!! hehehe

It was a blast and I am so glad your mummy didnt have your wheelchair to smash into my legs on regular intervals this year!! :)

Here's to next year and running all the way.

Muchly love to you and yours


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog since the beginning of this year, reading it from start to finish and it has so frequently moved me to tears, you are such a strong person and such an inspiration. Congratualtions on completing the 5k even with fat ankles!!
Much love
Fi xo

Anonymous said...

Em - the walk was such great fun and it was a real priviledge not just to share the occaision with you, but to meet all the Mums, blog-commenters and other associated parties. Well done, you can put your feet up now.

Sarah Milne said...

Fab blog Em. What a day" I am so pleased for you and honoured that I,Hope and Ellie were angels for the day. Fab entry by your fabulous Mum on Sunday too. What an amazing inspiration you all area. Hope and Ellie had a great day and I was made up to make it into the top 100 and onto the official race report with a great PB. If you had not called on us angels in 2006, I would never have got going with running and would never have found this outlet to deal with our own ups and downs.
loads of love from us all
Sarah, Hope and Ellie