Monday, September 10, 2007

I did the Harefield fun run yesterday, although for me it was the fun walk. Actually it was just walk. No it was alright really. Contrary to what my mum or A may tell people I did not whinge all the way round and abuse various members of my family due to being made to complete the course ("just to see that you are ok to do the hydro next week.") I didn't make unreasonable threats on their lives either. Honest.

I do have some rather lovely photos but my camera has misplaced itself (I refuse to take any responsibility for it's naughty wanderings). Peter and his wife and kids were there - it was amazing to see him up and walking! You see a pic of his gorgeous children here.

But the good news is I am so so ready for this won't be very fast but I am confident I will make it. Bring on Sunday! YAY!

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edit: Camera recovered YAY, was hiding under piano.

Girlies proud with medals.

Me with well deserved lolly (which A labelled "hideous" due to mass of sweetiebobbles)

Next doors cat on my lap in post-race empathetic state.


Sandylizz said...

Yay... Go Emily!!! Well Done and I bet it was great to see Peter...
I have the same problem with some of my things going for a walk....
Good Luck on Sunday Em with those Angels x x

Anonymous said...

Great news that you're ready for the Hydro!

Is that lolly a nobbly bobbly by any chance?

Audrey xx

Anonymous said...

well done emily!
good luck for sunday
jennie higgins xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done and good luck for your next challenge 'go girl' ;) such an inspiration to us all. Lovely pic of you girlies (u mum included) hello to your lovely mum and sisters too! :D oops not forgetting your dad too of course(lol)!

anyhow take care hugz xx

suzie said...

I'll wave to you as you speed past me on Sunday Em ;-)
Love the cat pic...I'm coming back as one.

Loadsa love, see ya soon.