Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today was the hydro active. It was amazing. Indescribably amazing. A day full of emotion, desire, achievement, happiness, memory, reflection, and celebration. I was going to write a nice long blog about it all but then my mum emailed me this beautiful piece she has just written. I figured I’d let her wiggle into the limelight instead. Will blog more about my feelings on it all tomorrow, and post some pics! But for now, over to my Mummy.

"A week or so ago, I watched a TV news item featuring a couple who had won 8 million pounds on the lottery. As they were interviewed, their faces betrayed a mix of delight, wonder, disbelief and just a tiny bit of fear, perhaps that they would be taken to one side at any moment and told that it had all been a big mistake or dream.
I mirrored that expression on Sunday as watched with the most enormous pride fabulous Emily with her fantastic sisters and my ever youthful 76 year old mum, complete the Hydro Active 5km challenge around Hyde Park which, just a short year ago, seemed one dream away too far.

Last September, after months of hospitalisation due to her death defying round of collapsed lungs, we wheeled her out of the Brompton Hospital for the day and pushed a weary, cold but jubilant Emily in her wheelchair together with canisters of oxygen across the grass to join over 70 friends and all round wonderful souls who had gathered to support her. Their positive energy seemed to transfer as they took it in turns (unless a camera was about when it became my turn) to wheel both the chair and the portable oxygen around the 5km. At the time I looked at that frail body and rejoiced in how well she looked that day, but, looking back, I was just trying to avoid thinking the unthinkable, that our time together was well and truly running out.

12 months later, and I had to nip and weave along the course to keep up with my smiley, rosy faced, beautiful, courageous daughter who has been given a new chance at life life that she has honestly embraced and enjoyed every single day since departing Harefield Hospital in March.

Courage however was definitely the theme of the day: Lovely Maggie whose kind, generous eloquent thoughts leave me in awe who was walking with happy memories of Gaz and amazing Sue from Newcastle who taught me a lesson in courage and depth of character when remembering Chris with such dignity and that is not to mention super mum of 3, Sarah with Wills, running with such positivity and hope. I can not mention all of you but I do want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your smiles and hugs and support for the irreplaceable pink fairy."


Lorraine said...

Ah - lovely mummy - lovely Emily - fabulous day yet again - always unforgettable. You make travelling all that way worthwhile - now when should be start planning for next year?! xxx Will put my pictures on Facebook tomorrow - too tierd now!! xxx

Anonymous said...

It was an honour to be there and share your day, Emily. I know how surreal today must have felt after last year, but you DID IT !! Undoubtedly because of the love of your family, friends and A. I can see why you were so determined to hang on with all those fabulous people who love you. You're a star.

Sorry, I know this could have been put in plainer English but I am w e a r y
Audrey xx

Sandylizz said...

Well Done Emily... and thats one proud mummy you have.... Hope you had a great day x x

Anonymous said...

You did good girl! Thank you for an amazing day. It was great to see you, having not seen you since this time last year. What an amazing transformation.
Big hugs.

Rose said...

Well done Emily and to all your angels. So sorry I couldn't be there and to have missed such a great day. With lots of love, Rose xx

Anonymous said...

Well done Emily and all your angels, so happy for you. Katie

Anonymous said...

Emily, I was so privileged and honoured to be a part of today, I had the best time. I chuckled when Grandma seemed to sprint off in the distance and almost dissolved when you passed the finishing line but the look on your face was a picture and to see your family's pride was awesome.
You are one VERY special person and you made such an impression on our friends today who had never met you before.
So, we now have to start training in earnest for next year cos if we don't Grandma is going to beat us all !!
Relax and digest all that has happened today Emily including an appearance from Deputy Chief Angel, Lisa, who also looked AMAZING,
Luv to all Maggie

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!Such a good day and amazing to see you cross the finish line, very proud of you big sis!

lots of love


Anonymous said...

How lovely.
Am gutted we didn't make it but children get ill at the most inconvenient times.

So glad it went well. xxx

Rebecca said...


And everyone else, of course! ;o)

A fabulous achievement for you, one that could barely be dreamed of a year ago, I couldn't be happier for you!

And what a fabulous total you've all raised between you!


Becky xxx

Jayne said...

Good to see you on such great form.

My friends and myself enjoyed every minute of the day. We already know we will do it next year.


Anonymous said...

Emily, congratulations, looking forward to you words and pictures later.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

'Beautiful Angels' raising money but also bringing to light the desperate shortage and need for organ donation to so many people. As a mum of daughter who was soo fortunate enough to be offered a kidney transplant can comprehend the joy and honour of 'the gift of life' is so emotional and such a wonderful feeling to enable our daughters to carry on their hopes and dreams whcih wouldn't have been possible before at all.

Emily and all her friends and family where in our thoughts yesterday and soo proud to have got to know Emily even if via internet and tv etc shows how far you can reach out to people.

Sure you feel very much like its a dream at times I do too and am soo eternally greatful to the donor and their famaily for such a 'wonderful gift' which we will always treasure & can't thank enough.......

well done to you all 'go girls' ;)

(((hugz))) Elaine Rach and family xxxxx

Anonymous said...

well done emily, glad you had a good day
well don everyone else too
well done on such a big total

suzie said...

I'm a bit speechless since reading that piece that your mum wrote Em, so I'll not be able to write an essay, suffice to say it was THE most amazingly positive and happy day for me.

Its the people that make this life so special, so glad I got to see them all and hope to again next year.

Loadsa love hun
Sue xxx

Jac said...

It's clear where you get your writing talent from - lovely piece from your mum! So glad to hear the day went well, and looking forward to reading your own account too..
Many higs

Anonymous said...

Was such an honour to be flying by your side again Em, it was such an amazing day. Now getting slightly anxious that next year we won't have the same excuse of 'walking' by your in training now!!