Sunday, September 02, 2007

I did another talk on Thursday night, at a local Rotary club. I was there on recommendation from someone who had heard me talk before. They were a lovely group, and welcomed me warmly when I arrived. Some additional people had come along, after hearing I was speaking, which surprised me until I learned that they had a child with CF. I was a bit worried then, my talks are hard-hitting and made to make people remember just how devastating CF can be, because without this awareness of the more severe end, how can anyone expect people to decide to work hard and raise money and awareness?

Anyway I approached the parents prior to starting, reminded them that I was about to go into depth about “my end” of CF. They were lovely, said they fully understood, and the mother simply said she was honoured to meet me having watched me on TV many a time (which a)made me all embarrassed and b) was a reassurance as she clearly knew my rough history).

The talk itself went fine, I had one eye on the clock as otherwise I am absolutely awful and just keep talking till someone shuts me up. Afterwards I went straight to the mum to check she was ok and she just burst into tears hugging me. I felt rather bad then, although she was protesting that she was just moved because she said it was powerful. It’s such a terribly hard balance, I know she was perfectly aware what angle I was coming from but it still feels a bit like rubbing salt in a wound (wrong metaphor there but I can’t think of what I want to say). I gave her my card and told her to contact me if she wants to chat about anything; I hope she will. After the talk everyone who hadn’t raised there hand when I asked who was already on the register took a leaflet, some took several for family members as well. I have two more talks in the pipeline and another stemming from this too; I do enjoy doing it and I meet such lovely people.

I walked over to my parents this afternoon; apparently it is just over a mile which is about 1/3 of the distance I need to do. It felt fine, I jogged twice (for about 40 seconds a time) and I just had jelly legs by the time I got there, lungs felt amazing though. Ooh and most excitingly for me, I have a new toy. Which also now provides the capability for people to contact me direct without me giving out an email address. Woohoo! Click here to see what my rather clever friend has made me! (still under construction)


Anonymous said...

Ooh your page is looking good :D Keep up the good work! xx

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

still and always following your blogs. It's such a pleasure for me to know that you are doing so brilliantly. Great to hear that Peter is also recuperating well. Way to go folks, keep it up.

Jac said...

Glad to hear the talks are going well, and you are in demand!

Website is looking fab :-)
Higs xx