Sunday, January 07, 2007

Welcome to today's update on the special little lady who is clearly in the running for "World's Most Popular Small, Pink and Sparkly Person" YAY!!!

There isn't really any major news but then that is actually the best news at this stage I think! Basically Emily is continuing to make progress and things are still moving forward in the right direction. An attempt was made today to wean her off the ventilator but she is not quite ready for that yet, so is back on sedation. However she is increasingly alert and there are no major problems. The next big step will be getting off the ventilator in the next few days.

I have been receiving lots of requests for the address of where to send cards and gifts to Emily and after discussion with her family they have come up with the idea of having a fund for Emily that people can send money to if they wish, rather than sending gifts and flowers etc. Whilst it is lovely that people do want to send these things, because Emily knows so many hundreds of people, they simply can't cope with so many individual items. Also flowers are strictly banned in the transplant unit for health reasons.

The money given to Emily's fund can then be used by Emily when she has recovered to start doing all the things that she has longed to do for so long - special trips away, days out, new activities to test her new lungs with, etc. I am sure she will tell everyone all about what special things she is using the money for when she is back to full health.

Therefore please can we ask that people ONLY send cards/letters to Emily and that if they do wish to give a gift they send a cheque MADE OUT IN HER NAME to the CF Trust's address (below) which will be put in a special fund for her. This will mean so much to her and offer her so many opportunities during the recovery process and when she is better.

The address for cards and letters is:

Ward E,
Harefield Hospital,
Hill End Road,

The address for cheques (made out in Emily's name including her surname obviously!) is:

Rose Donnelly
Cystic Fibrosis Trust
11 London Road
Bromley Kent

Thanks once again to all of you for your messages of love and support for Emily and her loved ones. Her friends are also getting a lot of comfort from these messages during a tense time and before long the messages will also be being read by Emily too, so please keep them coming!

Emmie xxx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating again Emma :-) It's good to hear things are still getting better. I hope they can get her off the vent. That feeling is great.

Keep on going like you do Em, and you'll get there!

xxx, Marjolein

Anonymous said...

Way to go, kid. Slow but sure. Can't wait to see a photo on the other end of this saga.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. please pass on our good wishes and let them know that we have got all our fiends and cyber friends praying for emily at this time
helen and alex
aka trigger adn triggers better half

Anonymous said...

Listening to the Muse track 'Together we're invincible!' seems to fit the Thackrays just perfectly. Thinking of you all the time. Keep up the good work and huge hugs to each and everyone of our special mates. Harriet is looking forward to a repeat performance of 'Reach for the stars'Dordogne style!
Big hugs The Pollards

Anonymous said...

Great news there's no news! ;0)
Brings back takes a little time...
Hope Emily's lungs are breathing on their own VERY soon...
Cat x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear that all going as expected so far. Thanks for updating us all so regularly. Millions of pink sparkly kisses heading your way Emily. We are all keeping everything crossed here in Godalming! Love to you all from Celia, Ian, Alice and Kate xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Emma! What a great idea to start a fund which will allow Em to have all the fun and lung-testing excitment she deserves when she is back on her feet (which, knowing Em, will not be far off!)! ;)
Still sending all my love to everyone, Kat xxx

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update, been thinking about Emily all day. Really glad shes moving slwly but surely forwards.
She is such an inspiration!!

Lots of love & Support,
Karen, Colin & Family. X

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Emmie. Small steps, that's what we like to hear. Hoping that she gets off the vent soon, then there will be no stopping her - and everyone will need earplugs lol! Sorry Emily didn't mean it really, but won't it be lovely to be able to speak without getting breathless?

Still sending our love, thoughts and prayers to all, including you Emmie. I hope that your admission this week goes ok. Will be thinking of you too.

All our love

the Pearsons xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great news!!! Have been off line for a few days with nasty bug.But hey how the news has lifted me!2007 is the Best!!!Good Luck Emily my thoughts and prayers are with you , your boyfriend and your family. Give them all my love, love Diane Tullett xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your update Emma, Food for the soul! And so glad to hear that things are still going in the right direction. Fantastic idea about the fund!

Anonymous said...

lovely to hear things are progressing. We look foreward to seeing Emily off the ventilator soon. Love to all
from Sal, Bob, Katie and Tom in Oldham


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very important updates Emma, at what must be a stressful time for your too. I am watching constantly to see if there is any news on Emily.

Pauine xx

Anonymous said...

What a happy, happy New Year's gift for you Emily. I have been reading your blog for about a year and have been moved to tears many times. I have a daughter named Emily, also 22, so perhaps I sometimes feel as though you're mine as well. (The mothering instinct toward Emilies is clearly rather strong.) I was distracted over the holidays and hadn't checked your blog since the 2nd January so what an amazing surprise to check in just now to find that you've had your transplant. We (my Emily and I) wish you all the best. I know that your recovery will go well, and that you can look forward to a healthy and strong future. My thoughts are with you.
With best regards,
Allison Murray, Toronto

Rebecca said...

Oh WOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been online since 4th, because of a very bad stomach bug, but just came online today to find such amazing news!!!!!

So so so so so so so so unbelievably glad to hear that Emily has FINALLY got her new lungs after all her waiting so patiently and good humouredly.

My thoughts are with her donor's family, who have done a wonderful wonderful thing, and hopefully they will find it a comfort to know that someone so special has their beloved one's lungs, and that through that person, Emily has been given an amazing new chance.

My fingers toes, eyes and everything else are very very tightly crossed that Emily will continue to do well, and that she'll be off the ventilator soon.

I'll be enlisting Seren's help to seek out the pinkest, most sparkliest card to send to Emily in the very near future.

Sending tons of kisses, hugs and good wishes.

Becky, Seren & Dylan xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Emily as you begin your life with new lungs ....... you SOOOOOO deserve this chance.
What a way to start 2007!
Thoughts are also with your caring family and, of course, with the donors family who so bravely made their decision.
Pink, sparkly, positive vibes are coming your way.
Tony, Judy and Tricia (the ONLY friends Uncle Grunc has!!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the updates, its great to know how things are progressing, hopefully she'll be off the ventilator soon and using her new bad boys ha! Like someone has said it'll be great to see a photo of her majesty the Sparkly One when she's fit and able, can't wait to see her beaming smile.
Pass on my best wishes to Emily and all her family and friends. Its amazing stuff. Take care everyone.

Shelbert xxx

Anonymous said...

emily, news of your transplant is the best news in the world! we are thinking of you, lots of love emma and JP xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


I have NO IDEA how I have missed this.... (have not been on PC for a few days) but I have only just found out.. not even had any texts from mutual friends... (?!).. but this matters not.. Emily I/we are so so so so so SO happy this has happened!!! Now I know I am thinking about you constantly and WILLING those new twin air bags to make themselves really at home in their new pink and smiley bod! I pray (so hard!) that they are going to be the key to giving you back your life.. not that you EVER stopped living it and loving it I know!

We love you lots and lots and me and my whole family (who know all about you through me.. especially Jordan!).. and quite a few of my friends who acutally ask after you even thought they only know OF you.. are right behind you.. along with all your other friends, on and offline!

Sending you so much love

Clare xxxxxxxxxxxxx

(PS.. I am no-one really in the great scheme of things.. in that I am just a parent of a LPWF/email friend of Emily who has never (quite) even met her (yet).. but I was SO SCARED this opportunity would never come, it occupied my thoughts a LOT of the time considering..... so I can't conceive of how those of you so much closer to Em must have felt/be feeling.. ESPECIALLY A and her family.. so I'm thinking of you too...lots...and sending you love and strength ~~~~~vibes~~~~~~)

Anonymous said...

Just to let Emily know that her grandfather's (Snowsill) cousins are all rooting for her and keeping everything possible crossed. The transplant is wonderful news for her and we all pray and hope that it is the beginning of a new life. Best wishes to all her cystic fibrosis friends too.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that things are continuing well at the moment, I hope that you and everyone around you stay strong and stay fighting.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Dear Emmie,
thanks for yet another update. It seems like you are also due a hospital visit this week so the very best of luck to you. You will also be in our thoughts.

Great that Emily is going from strength to strength, albeit slowly!!She is going to really enjoy the wonderful feeling of breathing unaided so roll on the day. And I agree the fund is a great idea.

all the best of all of you for whom CF is sadly a daily reality.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to add a PS - three cheers and a vote of thanks to Emily's medical team. They must have had a gruelling night on Thursday, the responsibility is absolutely huge and what would we do without their wonderful efforts.

Anonymous said...

i am really glad eerything is looking positive for emily i have a 4 yr old boy whpo had heart transplant september 2006 best wishes xxxx

debbie said...

Hi Emmie, thanks for the update, although you nor Emily know Me I am a friend of Bev and Lucys, I am pleased to hear that Emily is doing as well as cam be expected,, will wait to hear for more news. and the vent being removed..

Anonymous said...

We're all thinking of you and wishing you the very best for lots of happy, active and talkative days ahead. With lots of love and best wishes.
The Starsmeare Family xx