Friday, January 05, 2007

Hi everyone, it's Emmie here again.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to Emily's lovely other half this evening and have heard the latest updates on how things are progressing, so thought I would let you know how things are at the current time.

Emily's operation took 8 hours and involved a few difficulties but it essentially went well. She came out of theatre at about 6 am (UK time) on Friday morning after being in the operating theatre all night.

At this stage things are going ok but it is important to understand that whilst she has leaped a giant hurdle, it is still early days and there are many critical hours and days ahead before we can be confident about how Emily will come through the operation.

She is still on the ventilator and still heavily sedated, although she is occasionally able to open her eyes for a few seconds and smile before falling asleep again. Obviously the hospital team want to keep her sedated for now and not trying to communicate too much (anyone who knows Emily will understand that Emily never chooses to rest when she could be talking! )

I don't expect there to be any major news for the next day or two as the most important thing right now is that they ensure Emily continues to rest, that her body does not show any signs of rejecting the lungs and that she does not develop any infections, all of which are obviously possibilities.

Despite this obvious note of caution she has obviously come a huge way in the mere fact that she has come through the operation and now has her new healthy lungs in place. Over the next few days we hope that she will continue to keep making good progress and I will keep everyone informed of news as I have it.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful messages of love and support for Emily, her family, the donor family and also for me. Please know that all the thoughts and wishes are being read and are really helping Emily and all her family. xxxx


Anonymous said...

Emma, thanks, will continue thinking and praying for you all.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

It's good that you all are being very honest about how it wasn't a perfect procedure. That's a tough pill to swallow for sure. But, as you say, it is indeed the early going, and it's too soon to say how this will all go. I hope spirit and love for life counts for something, and can help her through these days. I'm eager for next week when a clearer picture will emerge on Emily's recovery.

The world wishes you well.

(I need to find a good pink pic for my desktop background!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Emma for keeping us up to date.

Emily - GET SOME REST!!!! Recharge the batteries before you get chatting again please!! See you at the hydro in September - I'll be miles behind you!!
love and hugs to Emily and her family and friends at this intense time.

Sarah Milne said...

Thanks Emma,
I hope you are OK too - must be hugely emotional and draining for you all. Get some rest now while Em is sleeping - you'll need all your energy when she wakes. Thinking of you all
loads of love Sarah and the family xxx

Anonymous said...

Emmie, thanks for the update. Love, thoughts and prayers for everyone concerned are still being sent from us Pearsons.

Bev xx

misdee said...

Emmie, thanks for the updates. Lots of love coming from us here, in Herts. Peter is at Harefield next week, so will give him strict instructions to send up some vibes and prayers towards ITU/E ward as he passes :)

suzie said...

Hehe, I remember one of the doc's saying to us, they're a challenge these pwcf, they like to be in control and have their say, even when sedated.

Glad to hear everything is as should be, that spirit of yours will see you through the next few weeks Em, but for now REST, you hear!

Lots of love from some more Pearsons.

Anonymous said...

We are sending all our love and strength to Emily, A, her family and those caring for her in hospital.
All of us in Oldham. Also my friends at work send their best and strongest thoughts to you


Anonymous said...

Emily, we were all very excited yesterday at the BRI when we heard your exciting news. We continue to think about you and all your family at this time.

Anonymous said...

Emily, if ANYONE can get through this and come out dancing on the other side it's you.
Mum, Terry, Jane and Pete (:-P) are crossing everything for you too.
See you soon!!
Love Helen

Anonymous said...

Thank you Emmie and Emily's family for keeping us all updated.
Stay strong Emily and keep resting!
We are all praying for you and sending you pink and sparkly thoughts
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

You go girl
The first few days and weeks are very hard but as soon as you are awake and off the ventilator. Onwards and upwards and the physio terrorists will get hold of you. Keep up the good work Em. It is your time. To all Mum, Dad, Sisters. Adam and all Ems family keep strong. I will be in Harefield on Mon for a check up. I will try and find you to say hello. Love and thoughts to you all.

Rob (aka bobster) & Mel

Anonymous said...

Hi All, I have printed the last 2 days' BLOG content and will hand to Em's folks this afternon at Harefield. I am sure all the wonderful words will bring comfort and laughs to them, and they will enjoy reading them to Emily as she rests peacefully (rather than keep waking up and misbehaving!)
Uncle Grunc

Anonymous said...

Keep staying strong Emily. All of my love to you and the whole family. Our thoughts and love are with you all. I hope that you are all managing to get a little bit of rest. Thank you Em, and Uncle Grunc for keeping us all updated.
lots and lots of love to you all,

Lizzie said...

Thank you sooo much Emmie and Emily's Uncle for the updates. They are sooo appreciated! Whilst i don't know emily aside from a few chats i have been reading her blogs like a hawk and wishing so hard for this!
Lizzie xxx

Anonymous said...

Still got everything crossed for Emily and her family - which is a big deal for a jewish girl!

And both Simon Crompton from the Times and Gordon Wise from Curtis Brown both send their love to Emily too.

love Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

To all of Emilys family and friends and of course the star herself! Thinking of you all. I am so pleased Emily is through the operation and wish her well. Emma made me laugh when she said she communicated whilst she was suppose to be sedated. She is such a little fighter. Funny enough I almost had a call to Harefield on Boxing Day, would have been great to have been in having our transplants at the same time! Look forward to hearing the progress on Emily.
Lots of love Lisa and family xx

Anonymous said...

Giant hugs and kisses to Emily and all around her at the moment. you are all constantly in our thoughts fingers are well and truly crossed. love to you ALL!!! especially Emi T!!! love the Mahoneys (stoupa) Laura, Gill, Martin and Anne-Marie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Emma. We are sending loads of love & support to you, Emily's family and especially Emily.
Keep strong and positive.

Loads of love, Karen, Colin Prior & Family. XX

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

We visited Emily today who is stable and continues to progress well. In the words of her surgeon (who notably came in from his day off to check she wasnt jogging around the ITU) she is doing as well as he could have hoped at this stage.

We must remember that there is still a long, hard road ahead yet.

Her ladyship opened her eyes and smiled again a few times today. We anticipate that the Doctors will allow her greater periods of conscioussness tomorrow. Her family are enjoying reading the BLOG comments and are so grateful for all the good wishes from around the please keep 'em coming.
Best wishes,
Uncle Grunc & S,M & T