Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hi everyone, Emmie again! Here is today's update:

Emily is still doing well and the team are pleased with her current progress, which is very good news to all concerned. She is still heavily sedated although gradually becoming more awake but still on the ventilator, as would be expected at this stage.

There are a few issues that the team are keeping a very close eye on, just to ensure that they do not develop into more major problems. There are usually complications of different sorts as the body tries to adjust to what it has been through and it is important that these are closely monitored for any signs of further problems.

However, as things are currently, I would say that the outlook is cautiously optimistic. The next few days are crucial to her progress and I will update again when there is any particular news to report.


klics04 said...

Emmie, thanks for the update. we feel so honoured to know such a special person. love kev and lesxxx

Anonymous said...

We visited Emily today who is stable and continues to progress well. In the words of her surgeon (who notably came in from his day off to check she wasnt jogging around the ITU) she is doing as well as he could have hoped at this stage.

We must remember that there is still a long, hard road ahead yet.

Her ladyship opened her eyes and smiled again a few times today. We anticipate that the Doctors will allow her greater periods of conscioussness tomorrow. Her family are enjoying reading the BLOG comments and are so grateful for all the good wishes from around the please keep 'em coming.
Best wishes,
Uncle Grunc & S,M & T

Jayne said...

I'm releievd that everything is going well for Emily. My parents send their best wishes too, having seen her on the news in the past.

Take care xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emmie and Uncle Grunc for the updates. I must admit to switching on to find out as soon as I walked through the door.

Pleased to hear that the progress is steady, yet fully understanding there is a long road ahead, having been there with Lucy.

Please give all of the family our love and best wishes and Lucy sends a big kiss to Emily, who she tells us is going to do just fine!

Take care everyone.

Bev and Lucy xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for the updates. It is so nice to be able to know how Em is doing without feeling intrusive. Glad to hear she is going on strong. Although, I think we've all learnt to expect this from Em. Lots and lots of love to all the family, and of course to the most wonderful Em.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay go girl you rock muchly.... as we all know!

Rest easy though my lovely, you will need all your strength in the days to come. For once listen to the Doc's and take time to gather all your strength.

Much love to you and your lovely family and of course the wonderful A who is such a rock.

Olly sends you big pink hugs (but don't tell his mates cos he still wants to remain "cool")...10 year old's eh?!


Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear things are still going ok!
Keep it up girl! You can do this :-)

Those positive thougths are still coming your way, from across the canal :-)

Emma and uncle Grunc, thanks so much for keeping us updated

xxx, Marjolein
double lung tx, august 9th 2006

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news, I have followed Emily's blog with much interest after seeing her on GMTV and as a mum my thoughts are especially with Anne!

Alison Steel (Music Band circa 1995)

Anonymous said...

Sending Emily further positive thoughts and lots of love from all of us in Oldham. I will drink to your good health tonight


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that she's doing well. I think that the CF forum message "Updates on Angel" set up by Emmie is going to break the record for the number of views on one post ever in the history of the internet!!! It shows how much we're all rooting for you, Emily, even those of us (including me) who've never met you.. You really have touched so many hearts. Keep fighting and we'll keep thinking sparkly thoughts, praying and looking forward to hearing more news. Warm best wishes, Katie

Anonymous said...

Really glad to hear things are going the right way, will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
Thanks for the updates Emma & Uncle Grunc very much appreciated.

Loads of love & Support,
Karen, Colin Prior & Family. XX

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you're doing well Em.

Thanks for the updates Emmie and Grunc - I know there's a HUGE number of people out here wishing you all well and praying hard for Emily.

Take care of yourselves, and give her a hug from all of us when you can.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear the news of Emily's progress, thanks Emmie & Uncle Grunc!

It brings back so many memories of my own family's experiences when I was in the same boat at Harefield just over 5 years ago - though I wasn't so keen to be jogging round ITU as Em obviously is yay! ;-) :-D

Love & hugs,
Andy xxx

Anonymous said...

I was so excited and nervous when I read the first post on the board that Emily was going into theatre. I couldn't stop crying! I have only spoken to Emily through E-mails but feel as though I know her and what a privalige that is. You are such a special girl! You have got such courage and determination; that is what is going to get you through these days ahead. And all that waiting will be worth it. Does this mean you are going to talk even more than before then? lol I cant wait until you are back on here telling us how great you feel.

Thank you to Emmie for keeping us updated and all my love to Emily's family. You are in our prayers.

God Bless
Sweetpea (Gillian)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much to Anne, John, Lucy, Abby and Adam for passing on the news of Emily's progress and for the "bloggers" for keeping us posted. Very kind at a time when you all have enough on your plate. Very thankful though for the news, rest assured we are thinking of you all the time and so pleased to hear that it's 'so far so good.'
Lots of love to you all

Anonymous said...

Thanx for updates realy DO appreciate reading how Emilys progress is going etc.She sis sucha special and amazing young lady who needs to lie back, take it easy n get her strength etc at mo as sure she soon be wizzin around trying to push the limits(in a nice pink girly sparkley way!!!)

best wishes to Emily, her family and glad that you are finding some comfort in reading the blog messages etc.

hugz Elaine Rach & family xxx(Wilts)

Anonymous said...

So Glad to hear Emily continues to make progress... With the wishes from everyone rooting for her Im sure she will be up and about in no time.. infact with the strength that emily has within her self I dont doubt it..
Thoughts to all the family and A to...

xx Sandy xx

misdee said...

keep going Emily. You can do this.

And Emmie, make sure you are getting plenty of rest as well.

Louise said...

Emmie thanks so for your update.

I really hope that Emily continues to pregress as well as can be and will be keeping everything crossed.

Thoughts go out to her family as well as it must be a very difficult time for them.

Anonymous said...

good to know you're doing well and we hope that you have a speedy recovery. thanks for all the updates. love Jennie and Richard

Claire221082 said...

I just wanted let people know that all the messages being left here are not only a great comfort to emilys family (who will be reading every comment) but also a great comfort to those who know emily and are missing her greatly and hanging on desperatly to even the smallest amount of news! It is really lovely to know that so many people are wishing her well and thinking of her in prayers.
Keep the lovely messages coming!

Claire (aka Tiara Claire)

suzie said...

Sending some more positive vibes and much love to our Em this morning, also to all family, friends and A. Thanks for the continued updates without which we'd be tearing our hair out.

Loadsa love
All in Chester xxx

Anonymous said...

Our whole family are thinking of Emily and her family and are sending huge amounts of love for a speedy recovery.

She has done so much for others with CF/transplant issues that we are over the moon that her call finally came.

Lots of love and big pink fluffy hugs,

Sarah(E), John, Grace (wcf) and Hugh

Nicky said...

thanks so much for the updates it really is a comfort to all us Em fans.

I am now in serious training for the next hydroactive, something tells me we won't have the excuse of 'walking' with our lead Angel next time round!

ALL the Hardwicks are thinking of you ALL, masses of love, Nicky xx

Anonymous said...

Sending you huge pink sparkly vibes, wishing you well onto the road of recovery. Keep smiling gorgeous and lots of love and happy thoughts to your fab family, friends and boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

Gill and Rosie send love to all of you -Flick is being updated by text as she skies! we are thinking of you all the time and checking the blog sooo often.