Friday, January 05, 2007

Emmie here with a quick update.....

Emily is out of theatre and all has gone well! Her family have seen her and she is looking peaceful and strong and they have been able to hold her hand.

This is one massive hurdle over with but the next few hours and days remain critical.

Please keep thinking of her and her family and sending them all your love and thoughts because it really does mean so much.

Emma xxxx


Anonymous said...

Please give our love to Emily & her family.
They will all e in our thoughts & prayers over the coming days.

Lots & lots of love & Suppport
Karen, Colin, Kelly, Andy, Tom & our precious Lewis. XX

Anonymous said...

Sending our love to everyone concerned.

There is a very happy Lucy wandering around today.

Keep strong

Bev xx

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE.....thanks again Emmie for update. Emily and her family will continue to be in our thoughts and she is going to be just fine. She is finally going to get some use for those dancing shoes (which will probably cripple her when actually put to the test). So a big welcome back to normal life for Emily.
hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

thank you muchly for the updates emmie, good to hear all is going according to plan!

loads of love and thoughts to emily and family and adam,
rachel xxxx

Anonymous said...

I've sent a million positive thoughts your way, the last hurdle's always the toughest and there couldn't be a better person to jump it.

All my love and wishes are with you and your family, stay strong.

Katie xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well done Emily, our love and thoughts to all of you. Stay strong
Brian and Wendy.

Fi said...

Come on Em you can do it!! I am so excited and relieved that you have got this far and been given this amazing chance. Thinking of you

Anonymous said...

Huge pink hugs from everyone at DFN. Our thoughts and prayers and pink thoughts are with you all.
Pauline DFN

Anonymous said...

Oh Emily just before I left work last night I read your post saying that you had just found out a transplant had been turned down, I was thinking of you all evening and praying that your turn would come soon.... and I've come in this morning and seen the news - so elated for you, your wonderful family and for Adam. Stay strong, my thoughts stay with you as always,

Katie x

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I mean real sympathies for the other family involved but from what I've read Emily has more than earned her second chance at life.

Sympathies to Emily's family too though - if she is this bouncy when ill, what's she going to be like when completely healthy!?!

Stay strong Emily. Prayers heading your way.


Anonymous said...

Please send all the love in the world to Em, and her wonderful family and Adam. She will be in our thoughts. Looking forward to seeing her in her pink shoes! Lots of sparkling thoughts going your way.
Love to you all,
The Thompson family

Anonymous said...

Emmie thank you for keeping us all updated. Do you know of an address to send cards to?

Emily, you will be in my thoughts. This is the toughest bit but you can do it!


Anonymous said...

With new lungs, there will be no stopping her. :)

Anna B said...

The biggest, pinkest and sparkliest of hugs to Emily and of course her amazing family and Adam. Emily you are the strongest and most courageous person I know and think i'll ever know. You've come so far, keep going gorgeous!!!

Lots & lots of love

anna x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news for Emily - I'm genuinely in tears of joy for her, and so looking forward to hearing from her "in the pink" again.. Although I've never met her I have found her blog and her contributions to the CF forum inspirational: such a thoughtful and positive person. My prayers and sparkly thoughts are with you, Emily and your family.. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery..

Of course, thoughts and prayers are also with the donor's family. Bless them for allowing you to have life.

misdee said...

keep goign Em!

Lots of love and sparkly vibes zapping towards harefield.

Anonymous said...

Emily and her family are in our thoughts...what a long wait she has had...I'm sure her strength will carry her through a speedy recovery....SO CHUFFED!
Cat x

Anonymous said...

Like so many other people, I have followed Emily's anxious wait for her transplant and it was so very clear to everyone how badly she wanted this second chance - and also how badly she needed it. I am so, so happy that this has happened for her and that she has been given a second chance. Will keep everything crossed that she continues to do well. Her donor and their friends and family are all in my thoughts, as are Emily's family. Its such a happy but slso a scary time for them and I send my love to them all, but Emily won't give up now, shes a true fighter, and once through this there will be no stopping her. Much love to you all. I can't tell you happy this news has made me :) Susie (was cupcake on the old cf forum) xxxx

Anonymous said...

I've always thought what a strange word 'terrific' is....a combination of terror and wonder. It's only when I think about what Emily and her family must be going through now that I really begin to appreciate its meaning.

We all know what strength Emily draws from her family's love. I hope that they in turn can draw strength from the love that Emily has so obviously inspired in all who know her.

Love to A, Emily's mum and sisters, from a fellow CF mum. Xx

Anonymous said...

Every mIorning I have switched on my pc and hoped for this news. I am so happy for you, Emily. I know you will fight and fight and make the most of this wonderful gift. You are in both our thoughts.
Much love
Sarah and David

Anonymous said...

That is such amazing and brilliant news! That has made my New Year! My love and support go out to Em and her family. Keep the news coming.

Sara xxx

Anonymous said...

Please send my love and support! I will be thinking and praying for her and her family!

I'm thrilled to hear she is out of theatre!

Stay strong

Greg xx

Unknown said...

What a great start to the new year. You really deserve this you are such a fighter. Hope everything goes well for you.

You will be in my thouhgts. Best wishes to your family.

I will be thinking of you as I live near harefield.

All the best

Jayne said...

Good luck Emily, thinking of you.

Jayne & Adam xx

klics04 said...

such wonderful news, oodles of love and support to Emily and her family. love kev and les

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Sweetiebobble Princess!!! What an absolutely amazing and perfect start to the New Year!!! Darling Em... all my thoughts and prayers are with you, and of course with your incredible family and Adam....

You really are the most amazing and inspirational person I have ever met and I am so so thrilled (understatement!! but there are no words to exactly express it!!) that you have been given this chance....

Of course deepest sympathy and a life time of 'thanks' to the family that made such a positive decision in their desperate situation; it really is the most amazing gift that can ever be given...

Stay strong and soak up all the love, positive energy and thoughts that are flying your way...

All my love and pink and sparkly hugs


Anonymous said...

Well Done Emily! Sending you the sparkliest pinkest fairy hugs. You can do this! Stay strong. Love to you and your family


Anonymous said...

lots of love Emily to you & all your family you are in our thoughts & prayers as are the family of the donor.
Janet G.

Anonymous said...

So glad the op went well..
Sending all the positive pink vibes I can Emilys way, and to her family.. She is a strong person (one of the strongest) so no doubt it wont be long till she is sitting up enjoying those new lungs...

xx Sandy xx

Anonymous said...

sending good thoughts and love to Em and her family.

Rachy and Richy xxx

Anonymous said...

Over here in the states, I was just about to come onto poppit's blog to check up on here, my cell phone rang so I answered it. my mother was in tears as she told me Emmie posted on the livelifethengivelife myspace bulletins, that she got the call and it wasn't false this time. I instantly fell down in a daze and cried and squealed. now that I can breathe from my gift I got in october, an anxity rush and oxygen slam frmo huge deep breathes and a overflow of areniline. I couldn't stand. I am so happy so thankful she finally got the call. She deserves the world on a golden platter. Or even a pink gold one!! (Wouldn't that be nifty).. I was up all night long prayng. Emily, you are seriously one of my heroes. I have looked up to you since I found your campaign, which I think I found you right after you started. i have two of your shirts, and today I am going to waunder around with one of them on. I cannot put into words how happy I am for you. I got a bigger rush hearing you got the call, then when i got mine. KEEP SMILING!! Tons of pink smiles and good healing vibes from America!!! *hugs*

Unknown said...

I'm so happy to read that all has gone well. I've been popping in every now and then since finding the sponsor forms on justgiving, and my heart lept when I read about the transplant!
I'm thinking of Emily and her family!


Anonymous said...

I got news last night. I kind of thought it was a misunderstanding, somehow tied to a post of yours that was, iirc, deleted. Anyhow, just got up to a rainy, rainy day in Pittsburgh, USA, and am relieved. We all wanted it badly for you, but I sense many of us, including you, were a bit unsure at times whether it would work. It has, and now we just need to wait a week or so (hopefully) and hear some things about you walking around for the first time. It was a time of excitement when Kina hit that mark, even though I hadn't met her at that point. It will be the same for you and all of us.

Hang in there and do what you need to do to make this tx stick for a good long time.

World, meet Emily!

"Hi, Emily!"

Anonymous said...

Emily, although I don't know you that well (I'm a friend of Adam and Sarah's family) I have been following your progress over the past few months and reading your blog. You have been so positive and strong through this and it was such fantastic news when I heard this morning. Am thinking of you, your family and Adam. With lots of love Philippa xx

Anonymous said...

Sending you much love and hugs and hope you are able to sit up and read all of these comments soon!

We are thinking of you every minute of the day.

Lots of love from MoO and Grace and Kristi sends her bestest pink wishes too xxxxxx

livvy said...

What a fantastic start to the New Year - new lungs for an extra special person desparately in need.
Sending positive thoughts for a steady recovery - I just know that won't suit Miss T though who will want a fast recovery back to chattermongering.
We'll have you running round Hyde Park in September - mark my words!
Much love to Em and family during this difficult first few days. xx

Anonymous said...

Go Em! I know you can do this! I am so happy you got this very precious, special, gift. Finally.
I haven't been home till just now so didn't see the first messages online till now. But Charlie has kept me updated all the time.
She almost woke me up late last night, but that really didn't matter, with this brilliant news!

Lost of positive thoughts are coming your way from acros the canal.

Love, Marjolein

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily!

Just wanted to send all my love and best wishes to you and your family.

I used to work at Harefield (in the Microbiology department) so know that you will get the best possible care.


(Lizzie B's sister)

Anonymous said...

What can I say but YAAAAAAAY! Such fabulous news & I'm so pleased for you & keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Emily.

Lots of love to you and all the family.

Andy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

thinking of u all, cant stop thinking about u and family - looking forward to RUNNING the HydroActive in Sept with u !!!!
will keep praying
much much love Ju and Sheena and famillies xxxxx

lil fairy said...

YAY! So happy miss emily came through the op well! Will keep you and your family in my thoughts emily and still sending all my love and more YAY's!!

Anonymous said...

This is your time Em.
You have got through the operation and now everyday you will get stronger and stronger. welcome to the NLC

all love and prayers

Bobster & Mel

Anonymous said...

I dont know her but I wish her well and pray she recovers well !!
Stay strong hun !!

Luv Donna !!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news & a brilliant start to the New Year. Hv been praying for you every day since i found out your website which was only recently & I really cried this morning when i read the wonderful news even though i don't know you but being a mum of a young girl with CF i can quite understand & you have worked so hard for this.

Lets hope this new year will bring good news for all CF sufferers too, hopefully a cure will be found.

God Bless you Em & take care.


Josette, David & Francesca from Malta

Anonymous said...

Well done Emily, over the biggest hurdle - hopefully from now on it will be all plain sailing. I have been grinning like a cheshire cat all day long (although the thought of your probable discomfort afterthe op did wipe the smile off occasionally). No doubt today is not the easiest of days for you but there is the wonderful consolation that you are on the up and up. So, enjoy a good night's rest to build up your strength. Before you know it, you will be out there walking down the road unaided by oxygen or anything else as you have been dreaming of for so long.
Lots of hugs,

Anonymous said...

we heard about you through bev and lucy on heartline and have been following your story,so pleased for you and all that know you,

loadsa love and pink fluffy hugs from maisy,max and wendy xxx

Anonymous said...

we have been following your story thanks to bev and lucy from heartline,
hoping for a speedy,uneventful recovery for you

wendy,max and maisy

Anonymous said...

Emily this is SUCH GREAT NEWS! You so deserve this. My daughter and I have been reading your blog and were so happy this morning when we read that it all happened after all. Thinking of you and sending you the bestest, warmest wishes ever
Amanda xx

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Emily is out of surgery and all's ok. Although we've not met I've heard so much about her from Oli and have no doubt that she'll be on her feet in no time. You go for it girl! I look forward to meeting you at our CF Trust event in April, if not before.

Much love

Suzanne xxx
(Oli's colleague at MK Theatre)

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots and lots of love to you all. Am thinking of you, and was ABSOLUTELY delighted when I saw your blog today for the first time this year. I was almost sobbing with joy at my desk in my new job! Will be hoping and praying like mad for you all xxx

Anonymous said...

YAY - fingers crossed for the coming days. My thoughts are with Emily, her family and also the donor family.

Lots of love and huggles


Anonymous said...

My wonderful pink emily. I'm so so so pleased to hear your news. I was jumping for joy with tears rolling down my face. I've got everything crossed for you angel. Keep fighting and getting stronger.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Everyone at EEHS is over the moon at the news and is thinking of you all for the days ahead.

Lots of love xxxx

Anonymous said...

all fingers crossed... wonderful news! Lots and lots of love

Anonymous said...

What better way to start the New Year. Our thoughts are with you all at this time and praying that it all goes well.

Keep strong Emily and keep smiling and can't wait to read you blogs once you are back up on your feet.

Think of you, lot's of love and hugs.


Nicola said...

You are doing so well sweetie,and I know you can keep it up.Still sending every pink positive thought that I can.

Much love
Nicola xxx.

Anonymous said...

Just read the latest news. Such an extraordinary, terrifying, mind-blowing, exhausting, exhilarating time for you all. Those beautiful lungs will have a whole new lease of life in you, Emily. It is right and good that you have this wonderful opportunity. Wishing you and all those who love you so very much all the love and luck in the world. You're gonna be so busy, girl!!

Anonymous said...

We saw Emily, her Mum, Dad, A, and sisters in the ITU today and Emily is doing as well as anyone can hope at this stage. There's a long hard road ahead, and we must keep all our hopes and prayers for her coming. Typically, Emily failed to understand the words 'heavy sedation' and defied medics this afternoon by opening her eyes widely, beaming a huge smile, and then chalking up a '1' in the air to signify a great step forward. Her Mum, Dad, A and sisters thank everyone for their fantastic support and well wishes. A special mention to Rob who has been particularly inspirational to Emily! Lots of love to you Emily from Grunc, Auntie Sue, Matt n Ted xx

Anonymous said...

Go Emily - never thought I'd be worried sick about a complete stranger but my prayers and thoughts are with you girl!