Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hi everyone, it's Emily's friend Emmie here. I hope Em doesn't mind me posting a quick blog entry, but I could see that people wanted to send their thoughts and messages to her on here, so I thought a separate new post would be a good idea. I know that Emily's sister will be updating with news as her family have it, so I'll keep this brief.

At about 9pm this evening (Thursday) Emily went into theatre for her double lung transplant. I spoke to her shortly beforehand and she seemed fairly calm and I was pleased to hear that she was sporting a gown that exposed her bottom which was being kept nice and warm by giant green paper pants (she is going to love me for writing that!)

She will be in theatre for all of the night I think, so please keep all your pinkest and sparkliest thoughts, wishes and love coming to her, her wonderful boyfriend and her special family. She is a true star and means the world to so many people. I think she is causing a huge amount of sleeplessness around the country tonight!

I think Emily would also want us to be thinking about another very important family right now....that of her donor. They are going through the worst time of their life and yet have been courageous and thoughtful beyond measure in choosing to allow their loved one's organs to give life to others. Thank you is not enough.

Right, that's all the news for now. As I say, Emily's sister will be updating from now on but please keep posting lots of messages of support to Emily and all her family, as they must be having a really worrying night tonight.

Love you Wemmit!

Emma xxxx


Anonymous said...

I cant believe I can type this.... I wish you all the lick in the world tonite Emily... You so deserve this gift you have been given and I know for one that I will not sleep well till I hear how it all went...
I read your blog and your posts on the site..
I feel I know you although Ive never spoken to you.. Your a true star.. Wishing pink sparkly thoughts and all the best wishes I can for you tonight and the future... Your such a strong person you deserve it so much...

xx Sandy xx

Anonymous said...

Yes - big sleeplessness in this house! My husband is wandering around like a cat on hot bricks - and he only met Emily the once. Shows you the effect she has on people.

I'm glad to say that Lucy is fast asleep as I haven't woken her to tell her the news.

As I said earlier. I am sending my love, thoughts and prayers to all concerned. I feel for Emily's Mum having been there just a few months ago myself.

Lots of love to you all, and to you too Emma for being such a good friend to Emily.

Bev xx

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of love to you darling Emily, and your Mum, Dad, Lucy, Abi and of course Adam. We love you to bits and have everything possible crossed for you tonight, and always.
Our deepest sympathy to the poor donor, and their family who did the most fantastic thing anyone could do for another human being tonight.
Love from Grunc, Auntie Sue, Matt n Ted xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

Best of Luck Emily, I know that its going to be a very worrying night for your family tonight.

Sending positive sparkly hugs hugs to you all.


Anonymous said...

Sending pink and sparkly thoughts to miss emily and her wonderful family.

Rachy xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good thoughts to you, Emily. I wasn't sure whether or not this would happen. Your spirits have been extremely high and you are somebody that is very much entertained by life, but it seems at times your body has had it.

Hang in there. You're in for a pleasant surprise called life.

Anonymous said...

sarah linked your blog on another website and ive just been reading it - you sound a fab person and i wanted to wish you all the best. Im sure there'll be loads of others on here doing the same x

Anonymous said...

Adding more pink and sparkly thoughts and very best wishes to a remarkable young woman who's passion for life leaps off the page and is an inspiration to us all - yay!

Jac said...

By the time you get this message you will be out of theatre, recovering and resting, before you begin the journey that is to become your new life! I am so so happy to hear this wonderful news and can just imagine the exciting 2007 that lies before you now.

I will send you my little angel again..she did a wonderful job in the summer so I promise you will be watched over with great care. My thoughts are with you and all your family go on girl, do us all proud!!

With all my love and higs
Jac xxx

Anonymous said...

Go Emily!!!

Got everything crossed for you tonight and was so pleased to hear you finally got your chance. This is a true testament to the good work you do and you have now got a massive reward.
Take good care and keep fighting as you are almost there now.

Much love Angel/Michelle KPG

Anonymous said...

oooh emma, you've made me cry!

Thank you particularly for reminding us of the tremendous gift the donor and the donor family have made.

If they've asked to hear how the donation is used then all that they will get is 'Lungs went to 24 year old female' (?24) and they will never know what a kind and deserving candidate she is.

Let us hope that they can imagine someone like Emily, and that the thought of helping someone like her can give them strength just now, and further pride for their loved one in the days and months to come.

lil fairy said...

YAY!! am sending all my love and good thoughts to miss emily and her family and extra sparkley thoughts thrown in for emily!

Anonymous said...

Oh our darling poppet yay!( as you are in my phone!) I am so overjoyed that you have been given this chance. I am sure that many peoples thoughts go out to the family that have been brave enough to make this happen. If anyone is wonderful, thoughtful, generous, beautiful, talented and desering enough of this then it is you. All of our thoughts go to you and the beautiful poppet yay family and your gorgeous boyfriend! Your beauty and strength will shine. we love you em.

Anonymous said...

Plus lots of pink and fluffy thoughts to our princess!

Lizzie said...

Thinking of you Emily all through the night....right now you are getting what you have dreamed about for soooo long! My thoughts go to your family and A as well, and the donors family at this time too...
I can't imagine what it will feel like when you wake up!
All my thoughts and everything in me going towards you wishing you luck tonight
Lizzie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Not much sleep happening here either. Thinking of you Emily and all your family. So glad this day has finally arrived!
love Hilary and Steve xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Emily our thoughts and wishes are with you and we will be thinking of you.You are a fantastic person and we all love you.
Your cous Sara,William,Adam and Charlotte Long. Canada

Anonymous said...

Emily, Family and Adam,
Thoughts are with you tonight, wishing you all the luck in the world. Working night shift tonight and have just found out that you were called. We will keep tuned in to hear of your progress...

From Kim, Maura and all the nurses on Foulis xxx

Nicola said...

My dearest,pinkest,sparkly girl

Words cannot describe the joy I felt when I saw a post on the CF forum titled "Emily is having her Tx tonight",lets just say I was a tad girly and emotional.Deep down I'm also a little worried and apprehensive as I know how huge an Op this is,but on the other hand I know how hard you have fought over the past months to try and make sure that those shiny new lungs come your way.

I know it was a long time coming,but it's here and before you know it your new life will have begun.A life where you can do all you ever dreamed of....and you get two birthdays!!!!

All my love and hugs
Nic xxx.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed it all turns out well in the morning.

Fantastic news tempered by the worry for Em and the thought a family has had to be strong and allow this much-needed organ donation.

Bill H & Jax

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you and the brave people who even in their sad loss gave you the chance of a new life. We think of you every day and cannot wait to see you in action soon. Having seen what you can do with sagging lungs can only imagine what you will do with your new ones, watch out world here she comes. Best wishes Brian and Wendy Canada

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you and the brave people who even in their sad loss gave you the chance of a new life. We think of you every day and cannot wait to see you in action soon. Having seen what you can do with sagging lungs can only imagine what you will do with your new ones, watch out world here she comes. Best wishes Brian and Wendy Canada

Anonymous said...

Emily, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

I'm still in tears the next morning. I do so hope that things have gone well through the night and that the operation is coming to a close and everything is looking wonderful with those sparkly new lungs.

Keep strong dear Emily. You CAN do this.

Lots of love to Emily's family.

My thoughts are with the donor family.


suzie said...

Thinking about you this morning Em and praying things went well and you'll very soon be on the road to recovery and a brand new life. Love to all the family and Adam for whom last night must have seemed endless.

My thoughts and prayers go to the donor's family for their gift of a new life for Emily.

Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emily. I have been reading your blog for almost a year now and have been hoping every time I come to your site that the message will be the one saying you got your pretty pink lungs. You are such an inspiration and I will be sending every positive thought and wish I can your way.


Anonymous said...

Emily, HOOOOORAY.....we are so delighted to hear you are out of theatre and all is on track. We know next few hours are critical .... but you are Emily Thackray! So you work hard, get stong quickly and we will see you very soon running that London Marathon. Love to you and all around you.

Anonymous said...


What a fantastic start to 2007! I am an eavesdropper on to your blog I suppose as you don't know me! I have been so touched by your story....your spirits haven't faltered during the tough times and I'm sure it is exactly that spirit that will pull you through this difficult time.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and of course the donor family who will hopefully gain strength from knowing their loved on has given someone special the 'gift of life'

Special pink hugs heading your way
Welsh Rach

Anonymous said...

YAYYYY!!! And WHOO-HOO!!! I am wearing a lucky pink spangly bra today, in your honour. Much love from Philippa xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Uncle Grunc for updating. Ohh Emily our thoughts and prayers are still with you. Lucy is wandering round shouting "YES YES". She has such a smile on her face - I just wish I could bottle it and send it to you .......

Lucy knows first hand what a difference a transplant makes and has wished this for you so long.

Keep strong sweetheart, we all know that you can do it. You are made of strong stuff.

Bev xx

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping us up to date. Emily,
When last I heard yesterday evening, the transplant was not going ahead and you were feeling so down. I dreamt about you (and prayed for you every time I woke up) all night long. I am SO HAPPY that things could go ahead. SO WELL DONE EM FOR HANGING ON IN THERE.
And our thanks to,and prayers for, the unknown donor and to their family who could be so generous at their most difficult time. They will be enormously blessed in life for this most selfless of gifts. Emily, you are going to be A ok, of that I am sure. Thank God for this, it's been a long time coming.Your Mum, Dad, A and all your family and friends must be so relieved! And my thoughts are with all those still waiting for their transplants..........I know everyone is going to get lucky this year.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you all, Emily is the most amazing person that i have ever known.
Stay strong & all the luck in the world.

All my love

Emma H

klics04 said...

All our love to Emily and your family, and wonderful A. love kev and les

Anonymous said...

sending every possible pink and sparkly good wish and lots of love. Thank you all for remembering the donor and their family. This will be an extremely hard time for them but they can take great comfort in the gift they have given to Emily.
Much love and pinkness

misdee said...

When Emmie texted last night, I dropped the phone in shock. I am in shock still that after so so long your time has come, and you can soon breathe easier and start to live instead of just surviving.

I have barely slept, as kept waking to check my phone for updates, I am sorry to Emmie for texting early this morning for an update, and thank you to her OH for testing back. I am so so happy right now, and almost shouted it out loud that 'EMILY HAS NEW LUNGS' at the school gates (heck, they all think I'm mad anyway, i should've done it lol)

If i get organised and you are back one E ward soon, I will send a card in with Peter. (you should be told well in advanced, my organisation skills are well below par)

Anonymous said...

I've got over the girly sobbing thing and now I'm dancing myself dizzy!
Your patience and determination were something else, and it paid off. I think you knew it would. Well done poppet - here's to a new life with more shoes and less pyjamas. Audrey xxxxxx

andrea said...

adding more pink and smiley thoughts and prayers to tou and your family.You have touched the hearts of so many people with you strength and courage.
love and prayers