Monday, January 08, 2007

Apologies for updating rather late today but as I am in hospital myself, internet access has been made just a little tricky to say the least! However I have actually managed to negotiate my way to using the computer in the doctor's office on the ward late at night...purely on the strength of the fact that Emily's public need their regular updates on the pink princess' progress!

The team here actually know Emily very well as they looked after her CF care until a year or two ago and she went under the transplant list whilst she was still a patient here. They are all over the moon to hear she has finally got her transplant and I don't think could they possibly refuse to let me update on such a special ex-patient!

I don't really have much news to update on but Emily is doing well and things remain positive YAY! I think she has had a few problems but the staff have been keeping an eye on these and are looking after her fantastically well. She is not yet off the ventilator, but this is not at all uncommon at this stage and hopefully this will be removed in the next day or two.

Her family and A, as always, are total stars and I know that having them around her must be giving Emily so much strength and help. I'm joining everyone else in sending them and Emily all my love and am looking forward to hearing of continued positive progress over the next few days.

Emmie xxx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Emmie, hope that you are ok and not in hospital for long. sparkly pink huggs to emily and all her family

hugs to you as well, thank you soo much for keeping us uptodate with Emily's progress.

love Emma

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for your update.Don't know how we would survive withou it! You are a star yourself for making such an effort when in hospital yourself. We hope that you are out soon.
Lots of love to Emily, all the family, Adam and you too.
Love Kate & Alice

ps everyone at EEHS sends their love too

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Emmie, am sure everyone else has checked the blog many times today like myself. Thinking sparkly thoughts to emily an her family.
love bumble x

Anonymous said...

Love to you Emmie - I hope everything is ok for you? Have they done the port yet? Have been thinking of you too all day.

Sending love and hugs to you and Brad, but also to Emily and her family.

We are all routing for you here little pink sparkly one. I don't know if I am going to be around for a while because Lucy's CMV is rearing it's ugly head yet again. Hoping so much that we don't end up back in hospital as I don't know what I will do without my daily updates on YOU!

Anyway sweetie, Lucy is still saying her bedtime prayer for you. We've told the reporter from Meridian that you've received your tx and she sends her love and best wishes to you.

Everyone on Heartline (childrens CHD board) are sending their love. A lot of them have been watching from afar and are absolutely over the moon about the tx. I will print out the entire thread and post it to you to read when you are more up to it. Their love is amazing!

Anyway, as always, lots of love and hugs from us Pearsons.

Bev xx

Unknown said...

Hi sending all my love and best wishes to emily, (I know all of us on foulis have been thinking of you) so all the best and lots of sparkly pink hugs.
And I look forward to chatting to you for longer and buying you another M&S chocolate milkshake.
lots of Love Lana

Anonymous said...

Emma many thanx for the update despite yoursself being in hospital!! Hope not gona be in too long? and sending best wishes to you.Any xcuse for aquiring Drs office and net lol!!! hehhehe
As always sending positive vibes to Emily who am hoping 'is taking things steady'...
Take care and much appreciated your update sparkley hugz 2 u both!
Elaine Rach & all xxxxx

Anonymous said...

All my love and best wishes to you Emily... can't really think of anything constructive to say apart from that! thinking of you and your journey to recovery all the time... hope to see you very soon,
lots of love Pip xxx

Rebecca said...

Hugs to you Emmie, hope you're home from hospital soon, and you're doing a fab job of keeping us informed! You're a star!

Hugest hugs to Emily, we're praying for her here, just keep fighting Oh Pink And Sparkly One! Hope you can get off that ventilator as soon as your new lungs are ready.

Love and hugs,

Becky, Seren & Dylan xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well, hugs to both Emily and Emmie now, I guess. I kind of missed the news that Emmie was in the hospital, but whatever it is, I hope you get out of it well. Good to keep hearing about Emily doing alright. This isn't the quickest recovery in the world, but things seem fairly stable, which is nice to hear.

Get well, Emily!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emmie for your daily update. All the best to you during your hospital stay - remember to keep repeating ad nauseam "thanks for my perfect health" even in the face of negative medical prognosis and evidence to the contrary. This is called "making up your mind" or "blind faith". Keep doing it all the time - believe me, it works. Once your mind is convinced of something, it carries it out. It can takes weeks, months or even longer to effectively change our mindset so be patient and tenacious! Take care of yourself and as always our thoughts are with you, Emily and all those of you going through difficult times healthwise.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the all of the updates Emmie. I hope you are ok,getting some rest, and will be out soon.

Lots and lots of hugs and wishes to our pinkest Em! We hope you get off the ventilator when your new lungs are good and ready.
We are all wishing you on.
Poppet yay family, We hope you are getting a little sleep, we are sending you all our thoughts and love!
lots of love (again! i'm not very good at writing these)
the Thompson family

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmie, hope all is going well with you in hospital. Well done for getting use of the Dr's office! Am logging in several times a day to see how Emily is, and am routing for her.

All the best

Pauline :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates! Really chuffed everything is still going well... i'll keep hoping and praying for her! :)

Greg xx

Anonymous said...

You are a star yourself Emmie! Still thinking of others when you yourself are in hospital. What a fantastic friend. It's good to hear Emily is progressing well but it is still a worrying time for everyone who knows her. Wishing you the very best and love to Em and her family too! Love Diane T

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

The docs hope to give her a wash and scrub up and have her sitting in a chair this afternoon. Anne (amongst others!) is having to be restrained from crushing her with hugs.

How fantastic is THAT???!!1


Anonymous said...

that is very spectacularly fantastic! ! thanks for the update (and to you emmie, what a star :) )

keep going from strength to strength em - afterall you'll need it to withstand all the hugs that so many will want to be showering on you!! thinking of you lots chick,
loads of love and (yet more) hugs,
rach xxx

suzie said...

YAAAAAAAY, this is such fantastic news, thanks uncle grunc for letting us all know.

Much love and many (((HUGS))) to Emily, stay strong hun you're doing brilliantly.

Thinking about Em's family, A and friends who all must be well chuffed this morning.

Loadsa love.
All in Chester xxx

Lizzie said...

This FANTASTIC news! I'm soo glad she is finally breathing with her new sparkley lungs - what an amazing feeling that must be! Onward and upward i hope! Thank you sooo much uncle grunc for the update :)
Lizzie xxx

Anonymous said...

That's awesome news - cheers for the update.

Make sure you send her a HUGE great big hug (delicately...) from me (which shoul dhave been passed biz Julie the coordinator already, but you can't go wrong with sending extra, can you?) next time you see her.

Am so happy, I think I'll be skipping wherever my oxygen lets me go today...

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news the best!!! Please give Emily a big gentle hug from me! Must be such an awesome feeling to be able to breathe with sparkly new lungs! Have a tear in my eye! Lots of love to Em and all the family.

Lisa xxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic news. Lucy will be pleased to hear when she gets home from school.

That's another hurdle over. Keep it up Emily.

All our love as always

Bev xx

Anonymous said...

Yay YAY YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Way heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy! Woo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! So so pleased.

Sending you love Emily.. and sending YOU love too Emmie.. and lots more to Em's family.. in fact love to EVERYONE!!! :o)

Clare and family xxxx

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear the great news from Uncle Grunc - well done Emily, you are such a star. Enjoy the breathing and the sitting up and the hugs!

Katie x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!! Finally breathing unaided. Go for it girl...the sky is the limit from now on. God bless you, your family, A, the donor's family and the medics.
much love (even though I never even met you)

andrea said...

Thank you for all the updates, both you and emily toch the hearts of so many and are an inspiration to all. You on so may prayer lists, and in thousands of peoples thoughts.
Fluffy and sparkley thoughts and prayers to you both/
Andrea xx

Anonymous said...

Truly wonderful news. Hope the test driving of sparkly new lungs goes well. x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous news! I am so, so, soooo pleased and delighted and just want to dance around! Sending massive but gentle hugs. Lots of love x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, Emmie. I hope you're getting some rest and feeling a bit better yourself.
Wonderful news that Emily is making good progress. Thinking of her and Adam and all the family - they must be feeling absolutely over the moon.
Take care
Audrey xx

Anonymous said...

Hi all Emily fans in the UK. You might like to watch BBC1 TV tonight at 7pm........ unless you work for an oxygen company that is...

Uncle grunc

Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates and glad Emily is now of the ventilator and doing well. Hope when you get out you have a big pink and sparkly party because you deserve it.

Get well soon Emmie and thanks for keeping us up to date with Emily's progress what a great friend she has got.

All the best to you Emily and your family.

I would like to meet you one day as you are such an inspiration
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! YEY! That is such great news! :D Thank you for the update! And Emmie I hope you're not too poorly and you're out of hospital soon!

Woo, I'm so pleased! :) Loads of love to the pink sparkly one, and her family xxx

Anonymous said...

That is such fantastic news. I think Emily should be in the Guiness book of records for being the most cared about pink princess in the history of the world. Such a wonderful person and you truly deserve the bestest, sparkliest new life to go with your shiny new lungs!

Much love and loads of hugs to Her Royal Pinkness, Emmie and all of the family.

You go girl!!!

jayjay xxx

Anonymous said...

That is such amazing news! What a champ you are Em! Keep resting though. So pleased your new sparkly lungs are settling in! I hope your little scrub down was nice!lol! A huge hug from me too.
lots and lots of love,

Anonymous said...

It's hard to know what to say. You have been on the transplant list for so long that I wondered how you managed to keep going, and then the right lungs appeared and it was over so quickly (at least, it seemed that way from over the computer). You are not just the best CF spokesperson ever, you are a great person right from the pinkest of scrunchies down to your pinkest of toes. I can't wait for your blog entry from the South Pole (but please, please don't put a pink bow-tie on a penguin).

And Emmie... thank you for breaking all the rules to bring us your updates.

You are both wonderful people.

Anonymous said...

Hooray!! Sparkly stars and pink sequins to brave Em and you all. Such great news.Breathe that world in Em, its good to have you in it,making such great progress. Many thanks to Paul aka Uncle Grunc for his newsflashes.
Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray!! Sparkly stars and pink sequins to brave Em and you all. Such great news.Breathe that world in Em, its good to have you in it,making such great progress. Many thanks to Paul aka Uncle Grunc for his newsflashes.
Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. We are so thrilled for Emily, A and all the family. Hope you are enjoying breathing properly again Em and hurry up and get better so you can get into training for the 5k!!! The sky's the limit now!
Much love to all
Julia and family

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,
Thanks for the update, really glad things are still going the right way. Hope you are keeping well also & back out of hospital asap.

Love to Emily & her family

Love & loads of support
Karen, Colin & Family. X

Anonymous said...

Fabulous news Uncle Grunc! We are all so worried about Emily and love these bloggs which keep us reassured that she is doing so well. I've no doubt Anne wants to hug her, what proud mum wouldn't!! Please give all my love, Diane T

Anonymous said...

Thanx for update Emmie, you are a star at keeping us all informed, tho I am a bit worried about how you are getting to send us this update cos on the CF forum you used the word 'bribe' and I don't think I want to know what that might entail, but I see here you have changed the wording to 'negotiate' which doesn't make me worry so much. Hope you are home as soon as poss.
Sending darling Emily so much love and best wishes for her recovery, you are NEVER out of my thoughts and I can't wait for when you are back posting yourself, be good for the doctors and nurses, all our love Maggie, Archie and Chris xxx

lil fairy said...

YAY!!!!!! So glad miss emily is now able to breathe with her shiney new lungs all on her own :D:D:D:D Am sending lots of love and very gentle cuddles to miss emily and her family

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news, knew you could do it, lots of love from us all. Can't wait to see you.

Thanks for all the updates Emmie and Uncle Grunc. Our thoughts are with you to Emmie.

Faz and family

Anonymous said...

Thats great news! well done Emily.

Hugs and kisses from MoO and Gracexxxxx