Sunday, June 25, 2006

Let's have a pinkandspangly post!

To start it off in a nothing-but-positive manner, I shall include a picture of joy - well if you ignore my feet that is, but it is a pic of my gorgeous shoes (with sparkly charms on and everything) and the hem of my skirt (with sequins and everything).

So that is clearly one exciting thing. Perhaps even more exciting than that is what happened on Friday, when I was feeling oh so down and puffy. My mum was round helping me wash my hair when the phone rang. As she went off to get it, I quickly reminded her to say that I am "busy" not "in the bath" as she has a horrible habit of absentmindedly telling that to strangers, and I heard her pick up the phone and ask who was calling. This was followed by a prolonged silence on her part, and then "hang on let me just find the cordless phone to take her". My heart started pounding as my immediate thought was it must be my transplant centre, why else would they insist on speaking to me. She brought the phone through mouthing "you want to take this!" with a delighted grin on her face so puzzled I took the phone. It was cosmopolitan magazine, I have been nominated by my sister for an award and have gone through to the final few. True to form, I started crying predominantly because I couldnt believe my sister had a)done this and b)kept quiet about it. Handily, my mother started crying as well so I couldnt even pass the phone to her, so I pulled myself together pretty quick.

As many of you know already I have the best family in the world ever but this really does mean a lot. I shant go on about it as I have a feeling that she reads this blog and takes praise worse than I do, but suffice to say it really touched me.

Next wonderful and spangly thing is my mum's leaving do, which was last night, was a great success. Loads of people were there to celebrate the entity that is my mother, and she cried sporadically throughout the evening, which is a good sign (she cried before she even entered the hall which is fairly predictable for her and a sign of joy not sadness). So big YAY for all of those things! I am ignoring lungs and health for this post but will merely add that I am at present still home (another yay) not Bromptoning encore en fois. Am off to admire my shoes some more!


Anonymous said...

Yay for a pink sparkly dress, dazzling spangly shoes, and heavenly pink tootsies :)

Congrats on the nomination Cosmo girl!

Sarah Milne said...

Glad you are feeling more pink and sparkly - the skirt and shoes are great!
Once again, well done withe the Cosmo nomination - looking forward to hearing that you've won as you deserve!!!
Hope your lungs keep behaving.
lots of love
Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

wow I love your shoes sweetie.I have pink flip flops just like those.I must say however,I'm sure you would look much more elegant in them than me,as those toe thingy bob bits in shoes,kill my feet lol.Glad you are having a sparkly time,and not trying not to let any puffiness etc get you down.

Anonymous said...

No-one deserves the Cosmo nomination more!! Love the shoes - and the skirt is a beautiful colour!
Hope the puffiness is getting better and you don't need to go back in too soon.

livvy said...

Fantastically sparkly shoes! Love them.
So pleased to hear your still at home - take things easy. Make sure your waited on foot and super sparkly shoes by all.
The Cosmo nomination is deserved by no-one else but you. XX

Kiera said...

Nice Shoes! Many congratulations on your award nomination. x

Anonymous said...

Oooohh! They are be-you-tee-ful! I am only concerned that you might inavertantly inhale part of the cloud of glittery things that follows you around which will in turn irritate your weeny lungs!