Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Just stopping by to confirm that lack of blogging this week is due to gorgeous weather, wonderful friends and family and muchly resting!

I am being nice and careful ready for the next two weeks, on Thursday Emmie and I are heading to the House of Lords (erk) to help launch National Transplant week, which runs from the 9th to the 15th July (I may or may not have already blogged as such but never mind!)

Last night Em and Brad treated me and my clever youngest sister who has just finished her GCSEs to an evening at Hampton Court where the flower show opening night was occuring. It was a really gorgeous evening, so incredibly warm, even at 7pm when we arrived. Em and I both had wheelchairs (me in faithful Denzel, Em in a hired chair) which made things a) more relaxed and easier for the two of us and b) more amusing as our poor "porters" attempted not to hurtle us out as we encountered various bumps and steps en route.

There were some gorgeous displays, including a beautiful carribbean one, which I may or may not have insulted by calling to Em "not worth going in there, there's just sand" meaning that the chair would get wedged (as mine did and I thought I may have to live there permanently) except the creators overheard me and were a tad miffed I think as they had put slightly more thought into it than "let's just dump sand here" !

After browsing, we settled down to our picnic and champagne, then watched the fireworks to finish off a truly spectacular evening. I shall put some pics up on here asap.

Am heading into the garden now (gorgeous garden I love it so) to settle down under a tree with a good book. YAY for the summer!

photos now included, yay!


Anonymous said...

Yay for champers, flowers and all things summery!

Have a good time at the Lords - give the old codgers some food for thought :)

livvy said...

Glad to hear your resting and enjoying the nice weather and company of good friends.
Hope all goes well with the Lords and I hope you appeal to their better nature's - if you don't, no-one can! XX

Anonymous said...

Hey hon,so glad you are feeling better and having muchly fun.I do remember getting my wheels stuck in all those cobbles when I used a chair at Hampton Court lol.It is such a beautiful place though.Have a fab time at the Lords :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a really good time, champagne picnics are definitely my thing, and glad you are feeling better.

Love to you and your family

MoO xx

Sarah Milne said...

Hooray, a lovely pink and "yay filled" post. Glad you are feeling better and enjoying the summer. Lovely pics! Good luck at Lords!
lots of love
Sarah xxx

Simba said...

And muchly fun was had by all. Hurrah!