Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another update from Abby here, a lot of improvement today not only has Emy given us more smiles and conversation today but she was even on the exercise bike!!! :)

Afterwards she was of course very tired and had a much deserved rest. Her appetite today has also increased, she has had several meals and by the evening was enjoying sorbet with sweetie bobbles!!

She has been on two drains but today one was clamped which is another step forward. She seemed very positive when I left and was overall a lot brighter and more herself today.

Thanks again for the lovely comments, we are going to get them printed up and to her a.s.a.p!


Emmie said...

EMILLYYYYYY!!! I am so happy that you are making progress. I never lost faith in your ability to fight back. You are amazing and you totally rock! I think its total testament to your determination, will to live and (dare I say it) stubborness haha ;o)

You are a friend in a billion and I can't wait to see you again when you are feeling stronger. I am one relieved Emma today! :D

Keep up the great work. One day at a time, or even one hour at a time. I know you will get there and I know those new lungs will be yours before long.

Love and hugs
Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sweetie bobbles?? You shocker!!

I'm very happy to hear that you are feeling stronger. Yay for continued improvingness!

Lots more fluffy pink vibes heading your way :D

~ James

Anonymous said...

Good one emily keep it up we know you can do it. Love from all in Canada. Uncle Brian and Aunty Wendy

Anonymous said...

Emily, I'm so pleased to hear you're on the mend.. not that you ever let things get you down! Thinking of you over here in Australia

lots of love

Holly x

Anonymous said...

Em, you're a legend and a fighter and I'm so proud of you - keep it up, you've over 50 Angels who'll be needing you in September ;D

In the meantime, keep up the strength - I believe sweetie bobbles are essential requirements there!

Take care, love Katie xx

Sarah Milne said...

YAY Go Em! I knew you could fight back. You are incredible. Your sheer determination to live and live to the very fullest. I really hope this was the last major wobble before you get those nice big new lungs! I can't believe (well, actually, even though I have only met you once, I can believe!) you have been on the bike already. I have been telling Paul who are is still lying about in bed with a catheter nearly 2 weeks after his accident! I'm sure all the things you have been through have made you the strong, determined little fighter you are!!!
Keep it up!!!
lots of love, as always
Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Now now Miss T, this simply won't do. Lying about in bed while many of us are still awaiting email replies? Pish!

Give that lung a good talking to - it's only got one job to do and has no excuse for slacking off.

Be well, immediately :)

Pete x

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are making such fabby progress :-) Excercise bike today...sprinting..hurdles tomorrow?! I hope each day is even better and you continue to improve at this impressive rate! Missing you lots, so please hurry up and get back online ;-)
Take care and dont overdo the sweetiebobbles...I have a funny feeling they might make you hyper, lol.

love and higs
Jac xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you're doing well and, of course, still fighting - not that I ever doubted you would! You're such an amazing person :) All my love and best wishes, Kat xxx

Simba said...


Now, Emily-Angel-Tinypoppet-Sweetiebobble-Thackrey, can you please continue your recovery at super speedy pace because I need you back online for purely selfish reasons - I think you're the only person who reads my blog!! ;)

Love as ever, Ms Simba xxxx

lil fairy said...

YAY!!!!! go miss emily. uber glad to hear of such an improvement. keep on fighting lovely lady cz we went you back pink n fluffy asap!
love n huggles

Anonymous said...

YAY I'm so happy you are doing so fabulously well.Just keep it up and you will be out of hospital in no-time.

Lots of Hugs

Nic xx

Anonymous said...

YAYAY!! GO EMILY. What a complete star you are. ur amazing. Im so glad things are starting to look up for you. go u on the exercise bike, ur one cool chikie. So glad to hear u are also feeling better and a bit more happier. Hopefully things will get better and better. Still sending u big pink sparkly fluffy hugs. Luv ya millions ur the best love tasha x x x

Sasha said...

Ruddy Nora Missus! You are one incredible woman.....and a fondness for Sweetiebobbles? A girl after my own heart!!
Em, you are an inspiration to so many people. I as a Mummy to a lpwcf, look up to you enormously and cannot even begin to ever find the words to say thanks for all you do. Keep are gonna win this doesn't know what it is up against when it comes to you.
Love to all your friends and family too who are inspiring people themselves.
With so much love and pinkness and icecream with sweetiebobbles on (and a few squirts of hot fudge sauce for good measure)
Sasha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jacqui said...

Yay for more steps in the right direction.
Much respect to you for going on a exercise bike. Last time I did was 1993. ;0)

Take care. xx

Anonymous said...

Been worried sick about you so I am very very happy to hear you're fighting fit. Excercise bike eh? That more than I've done in years! Don't go getting too fit as it puts us all to shame!

Sending you lots of sparkley, pink, happy thoughts.

Chuckles and hugs,

Emma xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

More excellent news! Good to hear that the Pink Paragon is doing her stuff and fighting back. :-D

livvy said...

Miss Em - Your determination to keep those useless lungs going for as long as possible until some useful ones come along never seeses to amaze me. You are a tough little pink cookie.
Flowers were to be delivered, but I rang this morning and they don't allow them in HDU, so you can have them when your able to enjoy them to the fullest.
Lots of love, as always, XX

Anonymous said...

that's wonderful news!!
still thinking of you all..
All my love
Pip xxx

Anonymous said...

Last time I was on an exercise bike it was a Penny Farthing and I fell off. Well done Emmie

Anonymous said...

You go Em! I'm soooo pleased that your improving and fighting against those naughty lungs! Hope they're looking after u well... any hunky docs?!! Stay strong, we are all behind you and looking forward to seeing u back on the boards and msn! Missing youuuuu! Big hugs! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Exercise bike?! Blimey Thackers, you're not making me look good here I hope you realise. Can't wait to see you when that beautiful smile and your gorgeous pinkness has been restored...plenty of sweetiebobbles (for medicinal purposes, obviously). Such good news-but I'm afraid I want more of it, lots more! I do believe xena warrior princess has a rival in you.
Love you like a fat kid loves cake.
Charl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious me!! All I do in this heat is give my exercise bike some seriously hard stares as I avoid it muchly hehe!

Lots of love and muchly hugs to you Em, keep on recharging the yayness!

Andy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Pink Princess,
Sorry I only found this site today, HOW ASHAMED AM I!!!!
Just sending all the pink sparkly glittery thoughts for you(and boy there are a lot). I am sooo happy to hear you are reaching high again honey as usual.
Super woman you may not feel like- but god your a super woman to most of us. Your only weakness being anything pink and sparkly- sure it diverts your attention.
ANyway sending love and lots of pure plush pink positive feelings.

Kirsty Gee

takesmybreathaway said...

hello pink and fluffy one!

I sent you a pink and sparkly card today in the post. You are honoured because I don't do pink and sparkly but seen as its for you I had to make an exception :). I saw you pass my door when you came in on Thursday (at least I think it was you anyway!) but you looked a bit poorly so I didn't want to disturb you.
Anyway I'm glad to see you are improving miss emily and good work during transplant week!!!!

huge huggles and sweetiebobbles!

Rachy xxxxxx