Friday, July 21, 2006

This is Abby, Emily's youngest sister. As some of you may know Emily's lung collapsed on Wednesday night and has collapsed again since then. She was rushed into Epsom hospital on Weds and has gone from there to Foulis, to Intensive care in the brompton.

She is now stable, but very unwell. We have had some very kind messages asking if people can help but unfortunately all anyone can do at the moment is keep their fingers crossed for her. My parents are staying nearby but even they are not allowed to stay with her so visiting is unwise as it's on strict terms while shes in intensive care.

As always, Em is being a complete star and is very strong she has given us smiles many times through it all. She is calm at the moment and just trying to keep fighting though she's very tired.

Thank you for all your positive thoughts, Em knows everyone is rooting for her and is doing her best to keep going. I will update as soon as there is news.


misdee said...

Sending Enily and your family lots of positive vibes and thoughts



Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us posted, give all my love to Emily and your family - we know she's a fighter :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abby for keeping us up to date with how Emily is doing.I really am praying for Em right now and my thoughts are with you,Em's boyfriend and all the rest of the family.

Sarah Milne said...

Hi Abby,
Hang on in there all of you. We are all rooting for Emily and thinking of you all. My love and prayers go with you, Adam and all the family. I am so looking forward to better news tomorrow.
Take care
Sarah xxx

livvy said...

Come on Emily Thackray - you've just got to keep fighting. We all know how stubborn and determined you are - you CANNOT and MUST NOT let this battle take you. I promise FAITHFULLY that I will be there in September and SO MUST YOU BE - even if I have to push you 3 miles in a bed or a chair! You know your loved loads and I love you immensley - for your courage, your spirit, your determination, your kindness and your beauty - don't let CF beat you - your better than it is - box of pink anything and sweetiebobbles to follow from Dan and Joe personally - that's just got to make a difference. xxxx

lil fairy said...

emily keep fighting lovely lady, we all need you back and being our pink fluffy princess very soon :( hope everyone is making intesive care a pink palace for the princess:p no honestly huni keep fighting with your huge determination sending lots more pink fluffy mendy fablouss vibes your way love n sparkly huggles

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby,
Thank you for the update.

Please pass on lots of love and muchly big hugs to Emily from me, I'm thinking of her.

Also sending you, your sister Lucy, your mum and dad, Adam and all the family my love, you're all in my thoughts too.

Andy Healy xxx (((HUGS)))

Kiera said...

Thanks for this update. Will continue to send hopeful thoughts ane very best wishes to all Em's family and friends. xx

Kiera said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update Abby.
I'm thinking of you, your family and Adam at this tense time. We're all rooting for Emily, she's a huge inspiration to all of us. She's a fighter too, she WILL get through this, she has to!

Emily you must have the pinkest cyber space/air space/aura possibly known to man with all of the sparkly, fluffy thoughts heading your way, I do think you deserve more though - so here's another ton on their way to you! Puff!!!!!!
Sending all of my love and hugs to all of you.

Johanna said...

So last night I went out, all around the world, to collect all the pinkness and fluffiness there is. I put it in a box and its now on its way over to you.

I hope you feel better soon! xxx

Simba said...

C'mon Angel, I've got my fingers, legs and arms crossed - which is making typing a bit difficult!

Ally has christened you our pink leader :)...and we need our pink leader back, RIGHT NOW, in fact.

We need you to continue teaching us the greatness of all things pink, like painting my toes pink which I would never have done before and (to borrow your phrase) is just ooh so pretty and smile-inducing. :)

Thinking of you lots and love and hugs to you, your family and Adam xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update Abby, I know Emily is very proud of you and knowing you personally I know that you are as much a fighter as Emily. Emily please keep fighting, we need our pink leader for the 3rd of September. Sending you the biggest cloud of pink sparkles that this earth has. Can't wait to speak to you again darlin. Keep battling.
Love you loads
p.s. Hope your alrite Abby - you have my msn, if u need a friendly ear, you know where I am. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Come on Em!!! We all know how strong and determined you are. Keep fighting and stay strong. We all love u lots, thinking of you and all of your family and Adam.

Hoping tomorow bring better news

Shez xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, Abby. Please pass on my love and a big hug to Emily and your Mum - my thoughts are with you all.
Lots of love Pip X
(old friend of your Mum)

I'll keep checking back here as I don't want to be clogging up Anne's mobile...

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating. Please get well soon emily, ur the most courageous and wonderful chickie i know. Your amazing. Ur strength is amazing and u inspire so many people. Your a great role model. We love u emily and need u back. Thinkin bout u and ur family at this difficult time love tasha x x

Anonymous said...

Holding Emily and your family very close in our thoughts at the moment.

Sending every pinkness to the pink princess...there are no words...just love, hugs and positive thoughts.

Keep fighting Em.

All our love and thoughts, Carolyn, Grev, Matthew and James xxx

Anonymous said...

Come on Em keep fighting girl. I'll be praying for you lov and hugs Charlie x

Anonymous said...

Dear Abby,

I don't know you or Emily. I just wanted to send my best wishes to you and Emily I have read Emily's biog page and what a wonderful women she is I wish her a speedy recovery I am keeping my fingers crossed All the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Em, my thoughts lie with you, Adam and and your family. I have so much faith in your fighting spirit and know that no number of collapsed lungs will get the better of you - you're a star!

Love you lots

Katie xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely Abby I'm thinking of you, Lucy, the fantastic Mr and Mrs T, Adam and of course-our brave beautiful Emily herself. You're a wonderful bunch. Mine and my family's thoughts are with you-all my love is being sent directly your way.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

tuesday said...

Hi there Emily. We've never met but you sound like an amazing person, and a fighter. And I looove your delicious pink shoes in that photo!! Best wishes to you and your family.