Saturday, June 03, 2006

This has been one of the busiest weeks in the history of creation of mankind. Well it has for me anyway. I really am so proud of my little lungs, they are champions really. Last weekend was the hen weekend! Woohoo! It was absolutely fantabulous. Saturday was probably the busiest days of the three, comprising of a bollywood workshop, meal out and a trip to the local club. All of which I attended. The instructor was called Dimple - fantastic name but made me slightly afraid as to me it suggested pole dancing or similar. Anyway she was lovely, a good combination of encouraging and praiseful, (is that a word?) yet pushed us a bit which we needed at times. We wafted around a lot attempting to be both graceful and energetic and it was really good fun. Most definitely provided me with a workout, and I had to switch to my mask half way (felt like a big deal, haven’t worn it out with friends before) but it was either that or pass out blue on the floor which I didn’t think was very in keeping with the bollywood style (no sitting down was not an option, I was having far too much fun.)

At the meal we presented the hen with a box of goodies including all the obligatory tack such as flashing L plate and handcuffs to attach to her person. With our hen still wearing all of these (with great style I must add) we trekked off to the night club, stopping en route for said hen to jump inside a fire engine and pose with a slightly stunned fireman. I must admit at the club I did feel overwhelmingly self conscious with my O2, as, let's face it it isnt something you see every day so people were looking. This was soon relieved by some bloke (nice guy, not the brightest crayon) asking me what it was. The music was loud so I simply gestured at the large word OXYGEN emblazoned on the side to which he paused looking at it then said "Yeah I know,
but is it real?" Had me and the girls in stitches for some time afterwards at the thought of someone who overthinks things that much to go and get a fake oxygen cylinder and manage to obtain the tube and nasal specs to take out clubbing with her...

Sunday was a much needed “hangover roast” (thanks Mrs H) and Monday included a trip to the Green fair – a rather hippy event which we hijacked for our own purposes, namely to have a picnic in the sun with champagne, strawberries and scones. Imagine my delight when at the fair I stumbled across a stall selling adult sized fairy costumes! On finding a fushia pink one I was over excited to the extent of temperature induced pink cheeks, and could sadly think of nothing else until I had purchased said garment. I have a good reason anyway, I can wear it for
the run in September. Otherwise I would never have bought it, honest...That weekend I also attended the 60th Birthday of a family friend, and instead of presents he requested donations for the CF Trust, raising over £1000. I am not very good at expressing myself in person about these things but I was very touched and it was a great do with muchly dancing due to his mauritian roots.

Being half term week, we took the opportunity to go away for a few days – cue minibreak to Wiltshire to see very special friendies and to stay in a cosy B&B in a room that must had been created especially for me – it was just SO pink and frilly! We had a wonderful couple of days down there, it was gorgeous and sunny which helped and we got out and about a fair bit, again my lungs doing admirably for such a busy time.

Yesterday was my youngest sisters birthday. She is 16 now, and I cant quite believe it. On our 16th birthday, each of us have had a big banner type thing made, which contains photos throughout our childhood with amusing captions creating a story underneath. I remember mine so well, I walked into the classroom of the music school I worked at on a Saturday morning and it was up on a huge silver sheet – obligatory naked baby photo and all. Smallest sister seemed to have a wonderful day yesterday anyway which is what it was all about – still not liking that she is so grown up, although she will of course always be my baby sister, the other one is 18 and living it up at uni and I still think of her as a tiny small! Mind you the two of them are far more grown up than me, I think they just let me pretend I am older therefore wiser to humour me.

Like I say, I am incredibly proud of my little lungs - they did an incredible job and I was able to do far more than I thought I would. Next week marks a year since my lung collapsed in a truly spectacular fashion. I am going to blog about it, so that I can get the memory out of my system (I am already having dreams about it which sounds v daft but am sure that will pass). If someone had told me the schedule for this past week when I was in hospital a year ago, I would have laughed. Well actually I would have breathed at them with a look of sarcasm and humour on my face. So what better way to mark a year later than to have been to 3 parties in a week plus a nightclub?! Just imagine what I'll be like with working lungs...


Claire221082 said...

Just a little note from 'the hen': The weekend would not of been the same without you!Bring on the wedding for much more dancing (hopefully surrounded by slightly more intelligent and less sweaty types!) Thank you again xxx

Emmie said...

You are a star as always poppet and even though those lungs are soon to be replaced by a muchly smarter pair, they aren't doing badly are they?!!

It was lovely to have you both down here for a few days...we really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next time!

Love ya loads :o)

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for little lungs!!!
What a lovely post to read. I can't wait to see the fairy dress!

Anonymous said...

Champagne, strawberries and scones that is my kind pf picnic! Glad you've had a fab week - missed you hugely naturally :)
~ James
PS The dress is perfect for you - very elegant and pinkified

Anonymous said...

You well and truly showed the rest of us up, madam!

Simba said...

Go girl!

(I hope you don't mind being called a girl...I just get scared when people call me a woman or even worse, a lady. Eek, I'm only little really!)