Friday, June 23, 2006

Just a quick update and small apology really - I know I am being really awful at replying to texts and emails at the moment, so sorry all you lovely friends who are contacting me only to hear nothing! I am feeling really quite rough, which is quite disheartening as true to my 5 year old nature, I got terribly over excited about being released and of course immediately assumed I would be back to normal. Unfortunately (but hardly surprisingly) I am not, and not only that but I appear to be back where I was when admitted, lying in bed puffing and panting with a rather painful ribcage and back, and back on my O2 mask. Humph. I would swear but princesses never swear.

The hospital think I need to come back in, I am not convinced, so we have compromised, they have doubled my steroids, and I can stay out for tomorrow - which is what I really wanted as it is my mother's leaving fitznells gathering and there is no way I'm not going to be there - and then I have to ring the ward sunday and report on how I am feeling.

As those of you who know me can imagine, I have that pouty sulky face on which I sport when someone forgets to feed me grapes or carry me around on a cushion or similar. I think the trouble is that my muscles are all just so tired from the effort of breathing. And you know when you sprain your ankle or something you arent supposed to put any pressure on it? Well I cant just not breathe to give my chest a break, which is probably where the catch twenty-two situation comes in.

Anyway am stopping moaning and getting a grip. And more importantly a snooze. Ooh, good news is that I put our Emily's Angels target up to £3000 and we crossed it straight away! Plus it is nice and sunny out which HAS to make you smile doesnt it?!


livvy said...

You always make me smile. You are not a defeatist and your determination to continue to do as much as you possibly can to raise further awareness of organ donation while you struggle on is truely inspirational.
I'll make sure you get to your target for the Hydro Active Women's Challenge personally. :D xx

Anonymous said...

awww sweetie I really hope you feel so much better soon.I've got a blinkin cheek to moan about a bit of hayfever.Get yourself on to and look at lots of lovely shoes,that will cheer you up ,I know it will ;)Fingers crossed for that puffiness to have dissapeared by tomorrow.

Emmie said...

Awww cherrypie, I hate it when I know you are struggling. But you will get back on your feet, I know you will. Even if I have to feed you grapes and carry you around on a cushion permanently ;o) Just remember how quickly you bounced back last week and I know its rubbish you've gone on a dip again, but it does show that you can do it again. Plenty of TLC and lots of rest is what you need. And if hospital is the best place to be for another week then I know you'll deal with it in your usual strong way. See you soon! Big hugs xxxx

Emmie said...

P.S Princesses do swear cos you swore on the phone only half an hour ago haha ;o) xxxxx

Sarah Milne said...

I am sorry to hear you are feeling so rough again and really hope you feel better soon. I hope you avoid hospital but, if it's the best place for while, I hope it goes well and makes you better soon. Take good care of yourself and I look forward to posts full of pink YAYness really soon. Have got everything crossed that Cosmo do the right thing!
lots of love Sarah xxx