Thursday, June 15, 2006

My lungs have been behaving less and less well in the last couple of days, and yesterday, when I attempted to get my cereal and a cup of tea for breakfast and ended up sitting on the floor in breathless tears - this reaction incidentally always amuses me, as I seem to get tearful when I cant breathe which is possibly the least constructive move ever as then I cant breathe even more, well done Em - I decided it was probably time to ring the hospital.

They had decided to start Introvenous antibiotics on Monday but after an hour of supressed expletives and still no veins allowing access, we gave up and I went home. Still seem to be going downhill so I am heading in for a little rest. Am hoping to have internet access in there but if I don't, that's where I am!


Kiera said...

Sending positive vibes for easier breathing. Take care and hope you get out soon. xx

livvy said...

Hope your feeling a bit better today and less breathless. I hope they make sure you put your feet up and take things easy. We need your attendance on September so you can wear your pink dress and accompany your Angels! XX

Anonymous said...

I've already told you once in the last week, stop being naughty ;o)

Emmie said...

Awww poor Emsie! From now on you are going to get the Emmie-nagging treatment when you won't go into hospital soon enough...yes, I'm afraid it's harsh but fair ;o) Can't have my little pink friend all puffy and tearful! Hope they are somehow managing to keep your bouncing under control whilst the sort your breathing have got to be the most difficult person ever to try to slow down I should think! Big pink and fluffy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a public livejournal up for fundraising purposes for my double lungs transplant, you can keep posted there sweety!!

I also have a site that is under construction for all of this

AND I will be linking to Live Life Then Give Life... *hugs tight* Don't worry I fell breathless to the floor right before I almost feel down a flight of stairs.. My boyfriend carried me down as I felt stupid.. I'm slowly starting to accept this all.. But even getting dressed is making me go *GASP GASP!*
And IN Memory Section I can out you.. I might have my boyfriend change that to in honor... *shrugs* You're fighting hard. And you are in my prayers. I have received my ministry rights. It's great! So if you don't mind I'll pray for you!