Monday, June 19, 2006

It's day 5 of my rest and recoup (coupled with some IVs to batter whatever is wreaking havoc), and I am doing well - yay! Breathlessness is muchly improved, as is walking ability, due to a rather good techique taught to me by the physio, which involves pursing your lips as you breathe out (splints the airways open, I visualise lots of tiny matchstick scaffolding-type poles for some reason).

I progressed so rapidly at first that they were talking about discharge "after the weekend" on Friday. Sadly I took this to be a promise of release today, when in fact it turns out that they want to review me on Wednesday, which is ward round day, when all the doctors come round, some donning their white coats specially for the occasion, and stare at you in unison. Technically Wednesday is after the weekend, so I suppose they didn't lie to me as such.

Yesterday I escaped for an hour in the afternoon and was wheeled down the road in search of a purchase. I feel that as inpatients we should be given an inner london allowance, similar to that which teachers get, as shopping whilst in a hospital situated on the Kings Road is not good for my bank balance. To my delight and sheer unadulterated joy, I found a full length deep pink skirt with sequins at the bottom which of course I had to buy as it would have been foolish and silly not to. My nurse said retail therapy beats IV therapy and I have to say I am inclined to agree!


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that when you are able you will post a pic on pwcf as I feel a need to inspect the graduated pinkness and sequins personally :)

Keep up the good work with the physio!

Claire221082 said...

Well I am in inclined to agree on the retail therapy, though something else thats good for the mind, body and spirt is getting married! (sorry adam not really trying to put ideas in her head!) Big breathe better mummy c hugs xxxx

Anonymous said...

I think you should get married ASAP, its the best thing I ever did, you need someone to keep you on the straight and narrow ;)

Love Jax xxx

Simba said...

A big YAY for the builders of old for building the Brompton in such a good location.

Have you discovered Ad Hoc on your travels? I'm sure a lover of all things pink such as yourself has an in-built radar to such pink neon-signed shops. But if not and for those who don't know, it's opposite the Chelsea Cinema. It's a bit cramped inside but there are lots of pink and fluffy things to marvel at in the window and there's even confetti on the floor! xx

Anonymous said...

Glad your feeling better sweetie.I always purse my lips when doing stairs,people just think your pouting at them ;) I'm sure glad I'm not in the brompton,with all those lovely shops,that would be disasterous.Have to agree with James,we must see the lovely new skirt:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
I hope you're starting to feel better and they let you home soon!
I heard it's National Transplant Week in July - just wondering if you knew of any t-shirts, posters etc. that it's possible for us to get hold of to help raise awareness?
Take care of yourself! Kat xxx

Tinypoppet said...

!! Simba, we were literally in Ad Hoc today buying me a pair of gorgeous shoes to compliment new skirt!! I love that shop, it has kept me preoccupied for many little trips out of hospital. Kat, can you drop me an email and I will send you all appropriate info on NTW!
And the rest of you...luckily Adam doesnt read this blog I dont think! :P xxx to all, you all rock muchly.

Anonymous said...

Hoorah to retail therapy... we now have medical proof that it's good for you... Not entirley sure how buying a pink skirt turned into a marriage discussion however i'd love nothing more than to see you officially in charge of Adam and keeping him in line... :-) I think he does read this actually!!

Simba said...

:) How could I ever have doubted even for one second that you hadn't been to Ad Hoc? I knew you'd love it.

Is the Brompton still moving to Paddington? If so, I might start a campaign against it on the grounds of inferior shopping facilities. xx