Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yay for birthdays!! I had the BEST time on saturday!

Unfortunately I spent most of the day in bed, due to my lungs deciding that their birthday present was to take the day off and not do any work. I literally couldnt breathe, it was one of those days when simply sitting still feels like you are running a marathon, and so back to bed I went.

However I think they did me a favour, as that ensured that I rested nicely all day and didnt get too overexcited prematurely, and so when it came to the evening, I had lots of energy.

The hall looked amazing, decked with masses of pink streamers and balloons, with fairy lights adorning the walls. There was a live band, and a disco, food and drink, and....a chocolate fountain baby! The photo is of me pulling my "yes I know what I am doing, I am big and 22 years old" face when in fact I was rather scared that I would drop my pink marshmallow and clog up the mechanisms and blow up the whole thing.

This week has been pretty quiet so far, as I had a lot of recovering to do. I have my annual assessment on friday, which involves a full day of tests at the hospital. Deep unadulterated joy...!

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