Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just a quick update: I have been moved over to the surgical ward as they have decided to whip my infected port out tomorrow. Hurrah. (I think!) Am a little nervous as of course the only downside to not being knocked out with a general anaesthetic is that I will be fully concious of the whole procedure, but it is fairly common to have them removed under local so I am sure it will all be fine and I am just being daft.

The journey over here was quite amusing; my mother has bought me bright pink hello Kitty PJs which I am sporting with pride, and somehow convinced me she would manage to push the wheelchair so we wouldnt need to call a porter. This resulted in probably the most amusing journey of my life, where both she and I appeared drunk, possibly under the influence of various other illegal substances. Anyone watching would have been rather confused. After hitting various doorframes/walls/people within the first 10 metres or so, we resorted to going backwards. Not quite the entrance I hoped for, but an entrance indeed....!

I will post again a port-free person! (nb - for anyone who doesnt know what a port is, go to and click on "Tips and Info" and go to the gadgets and gizmos section to find out more. A nice little bit of science for you!)

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