Sunday, March 12, 2006

My mum's birthday was on Wednesday, and due to her being a shy and retiring wallflower much like myself (!) I had to ensure that enough fuss was made of her, otherwise my life would not have been worth living! Not to mention the fact she is an incredible mum and deserved a great night. We went out to El Torito, which is a great restaurant, and our party of 11 family members had Tapas and lots of laughs. It was really nice to be able to chat to both my sisters properly, and we did an awful lot of laughing, which was great, except I find it really hard to laugh, and so I have this sort of fake laugh which I do whilst trying to surpress my real laugh, or else it sends me into a coughing fit. Some of my favourite memories of hospital (that sentence sounds wrong) are when a group of pwcf are sitting chatting and get the giggles, then one by one dissolve into hacking coughing fits, which is somehow even more amusing....

Anyway I digress; I woke up the next morning just feeling extremely happy, and I am sure that a) laughing is good for you and b) it came from spending some really good quality happy time with my family. I really do have the best family; they are by no means perfect, no one is, but I just have the best time when we are all together, I am such a lucky girl.

The only bad thing was that just as we were about to leave, I found out we might be getting coverage from the Sun for the T-shirts, which is GREAT news but then of course my family were asking about T-shirt updates, and I think mum kind of didnt want to talk about them just for one eve.

I have been to Guilford twice this week (bizarrely) once for a radio interview with Emmie about the campaign, and the second time to watch my ex-flatmate in an inter-university comp for Ballroom and Latin Dancing. The first event went very well, with both of us giggling quite substantially for a serious 20 minute interview. We took part in a "Mr & Mrs" style interview and much to our astonishment managed to get 4/5 questions right! YAY! The second Guilford expodition was also fantastic; Helen is just an amazing dancer, its the first time I have seen her and it was so so good. We were cheering her on, I couldnt tell whether she liked that or not! I love dancing anyway, and of course its even more exciting and spectacuar when someone you know is doing the dancing. Holly drove up with me, which was great as we got to have a good chat and giggle on the way, and even more of a giggle on the way back, as I may or may not have missed the turning off and driven many miles further up the A3 than I needed to. Well done me.

Right rediculously long post ending now. Am off to consume chocolate buscuits.

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