Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just as my little lungs had been behaving themselves so well...!

I went from feeling a little bit rough to rather poorly in 0-60 and have ended up back in hospital with a stonking chest infection, which has also provided me with a brand new all-time low lung function result of 16% (gerbil sized) and also a nice bloodstream infection, picked up on thanks to the skyhigh temperatures that I am sporting approximately every 5 hours. And impressively high inflammation markers in my blood too apparently. I reckon it's my own fault, drama queen in my personality, drama queen in my body's behaviour too it seems!

So into the daily routine goes Introvenous antibiotics for the chest infection, intravenous antifungals for the bloodstream infection, paracetamol round the clock to try and bring down the temps, and a whole host of exciting new "helping you to breathe" paraphenalia, such as a mask which has a large pipe connected to it and provides you with humidifed oxygen, making me look and sound a little like Darth Vader, and also an ultrasonic nebuthingie (that is not its technical name so please dont try and look it up) which is an impressive looking and surprisingly silent machine, which emits microspheres of moisture which can then be breathed in to help rehumidify the airways......or something. I almost managed to sound technical there didnt I?!

Am feeling rather upbeat today - I had a good day, have felt better than yesterday, small achievements to be proud of like doing a whole lap of the ward with the physio wearing just nasal specs not the O2 mask I was using when first admitted, and of course as always, my family and friends absolutely rock the most.

Things are moving in the right direction so hopefully I wont be in here too long; I miss my house so much already plus with the microwave here out of action I will starve. At least I have established some internet connection, YAY!


Hillary said...

I ran across your blog and think you are the best! You have the best attitude! Get well soon!!!! :):):):)

Kiera said...

Keep up the good work and especially the upbeatness!

Unknown said...

I'm glad that you've been doing well. I just hope that things would still be moving in the right direction when you got home. Keep safe and Good Luck!


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