Friday, March 03, 2006

The Live Life Then Give Life Campaign is here!!

And what an incredibly busy first two days we have had! I am over the moon with how it is all going. I woke up about 10 times in the night on wednesday night, as we were launching on Thursday and I swear my subconcious was just doing it to spite me! I finally got up at 7am, and started checking my emails/the website frantically (goodness knows what for as the "buy a Tshirt wasnt live yet). T-shirts went on sale at about 9am and as they did, we sent out all the press releases.

So far we have had some great coverage, various radio stations and newspapers taking interest and running features. YAY. We have also managed to gain celebrity support, in the form of Richard and Judy, David Gower, and Max Clifford, and we have been sent a pic of Kerry Katona wearing a shirt! YAYAY! And if you havent bought one... !

So am really rather over excited, as it is only day 2!! I am sure I have said this before but I honestly think that people are wonderful; so many people have given up their time and energy to make this happen, without asking anything in return. Gives me faith in the human race anyway!

We had T-shirt launch drinks last night and my friends and family came round to celebrate finally getting to this point, I had such a wonderful evening. I am a rather lucky girl really arent I. Am off to have a lie-down now as I have gotten far too over excited and my lung are screaming for a rest!

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