Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The doctor did a bit of the old "good news bad news" trick my dad used to do when we were smaller today. Good news, your CRP is down to 250 (woohoo!) bad news, your port definitely is infected (doh!). So they have contacted Mr surgeon (whos name is suspiciously similar to a famous fizzy drink which makes me imagine him dancing along the corridor to the advert tune in my head, not good) to see if it needs to be removed and what he wants to do about that.

Am also some sort of magician, producing not one infection (drum roll).....not two infections.....but three infections from within one small body!!! One in my chest and now two in my blood, apparently!. I was slightly alarmed but the team dont seem concerned, as I am on all the correct drugs, and things seem to be moving in the right direction. I had a gorgeous bubblebath this morning and there is nothing like washing your hair to make you feel more human again when you are stuck in hospital feeling grotty. That and putting on some nice sparkly earrings!

Due to the large variety of stunts my body appears to be playing, they have given me a guestimate of at least 10 more days in here. Which isnt too bad really, seeing as I had my birthday, I partied on down, I got the T-shirt launch done, and I have a nice room in things could be loads worse. And spring has finally sprung so YAY to that!

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