Friday, May 01, 2009

Swine Flu.

It's everywhere. And I mean everyyyyyywhere. No not the infectious sort silly, the hype and the Media "round the clock, this may or may not happen" reporting.

I'm very torn on the subject. I actually think the UK is being very responsible taking it so seriously (better safe than sorry) but the media is annoying me somewhat. There is a lot of scare-mongering going on for something that has resulted in 13 deaths worldwide so far. Yes 13.

But it is natural that people are getting a bit concerned; news of a new flu virus is never really going to be good news is it?

For any transplant patients who are concerned, this discussion thread offers some useful advice.

I've come down with a beautifully well-timed cold, complete with swollen throat, aching limbs and everything. Tad worrying when on every single website you read there is advice about contacting a doctor with any flu-like symptoms, but seeing as I haven't been to Mexico in the recent...ever, I'll take my chances*.

Stay well and non-panicky folks!

*obviously contacting Harefield should there be a change in Lung func, as is the normal advice. I'm not that daft. Honest.


Johanna said...

I read somewhere that this virus behaves a little like the Spanish flu. This would mean that it'll kill by sending the immune system into an overdrive. This mean the healthy middle aged people are living dangerously, but the young, old and immuno compromised people will live.

I know it's not that easy and that there is a lot more into this, and I'd rather stay away from any kind of flu. But I think it's a little ironic that if the above is true, for once we'll theoretically be safer than most people.

Anonymous said...

I've decided I have more chance of winning the €millions than getting swine flu so I'm off to buy a ticket :-)

Audrey xx

Sarah Milne said...

Hope you feel better soon. I had some great reactions to my asthma/hayfever coughing and sneezing on the train and tube today!

Tinypoppet said...

HA! That really made me giggle Sarah, imagining the fear on people's faces whenever you coughed....


lulu said...

Hey darling,
Sorry to hear u got horrid cold symptoms...hope eases up soon! If I hear anymore about swine flu, I think I'm gonna go mad. I can't even watch the news @ the mo. I don't have the energy to panic bout it even if I wanted to. I am sad for those that have been affected tho. I'm still in hosp but will bore u with that in an email xxxxx Hope Harefield are happy with things :-)??

helen (was laputain) said...

Johanna- you are absolutely right that the people who die OF FLU die because, in essence, their immune system kills them. On the other hand though, if you are immunocompromised/suppressed then you would be more likely to fall foul of some sort of secondary infection following flu, like bacterial pneumonia, so not all rosy.

None of this makes having a common or garden cold ('man flu'!) any easier at the moment. I have spent the last weekend sniffling and sneezing at a wedding (looking all pink nosed and dozy eyed!) whilst my friends gleefully made 'oinking' noises at me...ho hum!