Friday, April 24, 2009


Well technically this is "after the weekend" - just quite some time after.

The Ball was fantastic. It was organised by Lorraine, mother of 2 boys with CF, and publicised quite widely within the CF community. Because of this, I was aware there would be quite a high percentage of parents of children with CF and other relatives of CFers, so I was more nervous than usual as I needed my speech to be hard-hitting yet positive. Erk.

A and I drove up on Saturday afternoon and arrived in good time for A to make use of the lovely Spa facilities. On his return to the room he informed me that everyone knew me (or new about me) including (by sheer coincidence) a lady who was not attending the ball but who was a journalist who I'd spoken to on several occasions.

We got ready (I may or may not have had a strop about my hair before deciding it was probably ok and I wouldn't shave it all off) and headed down to the drinks reception. I was overjoyed to see Suzie looking radiant and sat chatting to her and her friend. I sought out Lorraine who was in a gorgeous read dress and doing a very good job of not looking harrassed! We moved into the main room for the meal which was beautifully decorated and had a stage all set up ready for the live band which would feature later in the evening.

After the rather yummy dinnner, Lorraine and her husband spoke briefly to thank everyone and to explain how CF affects their family, and then it was my turn. As always with these things, what I actually said turns into a bit of a blur afterwards, but I got a few laughs (intentional - not due to failure to speak English I hasten to add) and quite a few tears, so hopefully it did the trick.

I then donned a sash to help with the auction, and went round shaking a bucket asking for people to empty their pockets and wallets of any loose change in a (hopefully) sweet and non-menacing way.

Money-relieving duties over, it was time to start dancing, and the fantastic Amy and the Aviators (who I'd thoroughly recommend) got everyone up from the first song and most of us stayed on the dancefloor till the very end.

All in all it was a fantastic night; I had great fun and it was lovely to meet some of the parents from the boards, and to chat to Suzie and Lorraine not in a muddy field for once! Bring on the next one...


Daniel said...

If I didn't look harrassed, it didn't mean I wasn't! ;-) A photographer arrived for newspaper picture just before drinks
Reception to take a picture of us four and Joe decided he would disappear forcing about 20 adults to search high and low for him for 20 minutes! Wrong time for hide and seek!

It was lovely to see you and to meet A, albeit briefly, at last. Just a pity I didn't have long enough to spend with everyone.

My neighbour said he had to compose himself during your speech as he could feel himself welling up, but we had laughter aswell. You told it as it is and those who know you well know what you have been through to get where you are in your life - truly inspirational to all and your family should be so very proud of you, as are we all. As for telling my dad you are spoilt - maybe just a teeny bit, but you do deserve it!

And do it all again?! OH YES!! See you again next year. XXX

Daniel said...

P.S. Meant to refer to you getting the flowers as my dad said you were spoilt, in that you deserved them, not that you were spoilt or anything, erm, less waffle me thinks!! Am sure you know what I mean!! xx

Aunty P said...

if that dress needs another outing there is our fundraising dinner in september

Anonymous said...

Was it a fringe moment as you're looking v glam from the back :-)

Well done to you and huge congrats all round!

Audrey xx

suzie said...

I just loved the whole night, it was special in so many ways. Em your speech was so well balanced, you managed to generate such positiveness while speaking honestly about your personal journey from then to now. You got it just right and I'll always be glad I made it to that special night.

Loads of love. x x x