Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jess is someone I've mentioned many times over the years. She is the feisty small blonde person with the infectious giggle and a survival ability which surpasses anything I've ever seen.

Jess was only 15 when she was told she needed a double lung transplant. Almost 4 years later, Jessica is still waiting.

She has managed to survive beyond all expectation and has doubled what doctors predicted when listing her. But not even Jess is superhuman, and I am getting very worried now.

Jess has had a lot of false alarms, where the transplant could not go ahead due to a problem with the organs. Very recently, she got called again....and was too unwell to undergo the operation.

Jess is now back in hospital, and the team are fighting hard to get her well enough to undergo the operation hopefully in time for another call. Jess' time is running out.

As she was in hospital and far too ill to come and support Holly's Donor Day in person, Jess was determined to support her in any other way she could.

Please pass the link on to the below because if this doesn't kick people into action....I don't know what will.

View this montage created at One True Media
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Aunty P said...

Says it all - have posted it and will encourage others to. Give her my love. Not much else I can offer - love and prayers and hope.xxxxx

Sarah Milne said...

Jess is amazing. I posted this video all over the place on donor day and know that at least 18 people signed up as a direct result.

I don't know Jess but I am worried too and so hope to hear good news about a successful transplant very soon.

Loads of love to you both x x x x x