Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been another very busy but very good week. I've been on half term so obviously in my brain that meant I could cram three times as much into the week as usual. There's logic in there somewhere.

Monday was the most exciting day; a visit to the gorgeous Manoir and lunch in its 2 Michelin starred restaurant. It was my birthday present from A and it was an absolutely stunnning meal. We wandered round the grounds which are beautiful, and the vegetable and herb gardens (I never knew there were so many different types of mint) and generally had a wonderful wonderful day. I felt like a real princess.

On Wednesday night, Oli and I headed oop North to film Bethany and Gabrysia. There's an update about this on the LLTGL blog as well. Both families were lovely and so welcoming. It was wonderful to see Bethany so full of energy, bounding around and playing with Eloise. Her glowing skin and bright eyes was a brilliant contrast to previous photos I'd seen of her. It was lovely to see the whole family looking so relaxed and happy.

I found Gabrysia's shoot sad; Gabrysia is the most urgently listed person in the UK for a heart. Every single minute is vitally precious, and that was clearly evident in the incredible bond her siblings and her mum demonstrated. Watching siblings go through the transplant journey always hits me really hard. When I was ill, talking or thinking about my sisters in relation to worst case scenarios would inevitably make me cry, even when I was able to talk about myself without doing so.

I always love meeting transplant families so the whole day was lovely. It also reminds me how incredible my family was during that time; I've said it before but things return to normal so fast. I'm off for a family BBQ today and thoroughly looking forward to it. Am off to slather self in suncream so I can enjoy the sunshine.