Thursday, May 07, 2009

ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod.

This weekend I will be in Scotland walking along the coast. I am terrified. Not on my own though....with 170 others, all of whom are walking as part of Team Jac to raise money for LLTGL.

I'm looking forward to it hugely but that is nothing to do with the walking part, that's because I will get to see Jac and chat to her properly for the first time ever. WOOHOO! Last time I saw her was when she spoke at Scottish Parliament for LLTGL; she was looking pretty frail and her voice was very quiet due to lack of breath I'd imagine...I can't wait to see the difference.

Jac has worked incredibly hard to put all this together, if you take a look at her fundraising page you will see just how much organisation has had to go into all this! I am going to try and do some filming and take piccies so we can capture what looks to be a fantastic event. Please sunny thoughts for us all on Saturday!

This week has been very very sad as gorgeous little Ethan lost his fight. There are two beautiful articles here and here about him. All of us at LLTGL are totally gutted for him and his family; a truly inspiring and lovely little boy who, during his short life, inspired thousands to register as organ donors. His family are very much in my thoughts right now.

Ethan and his Robyn's Rainbow.


Anonymous said...

Looks OK for Sat. :-)

Jax x

Captain Ad Lib said...

That picture of Ethan is SO cute.

Anonymous said...

Happy walking, Em. It'll be a fab day!

I seriously can't begin to imagine what Ethan's family are going through. Thinking of them very much.

Audrey xx

Jac said...

Yay! One more sleep ;-) Everyone says my voice is different now...and I talk too much. Between the two of us no one will get a word in, lol.
see you tomorrow :-)
higs xxx

Thinking of Ethan's family too x

lulu said...

I am so gutted to hear about gorgeous and special lil Ethans passing after such a brave fight. He has always been in my thoughts since I first heard about him. His special smile will always be in my mind. I hope his parents are bearing up ok...:-(


Me said...

so sorry to hear about Ethan xx
ps good luck for saturday!