Thursday, May 24, 2007

Verrrrrry short post on here as I have just waffled on for britain in 2 posts on my hydroactive blog

Have had a fab few days, extremely busy still but I still can't get over how much I can do! My favourite thing this week was my walk with my mother down to our local park, and around "the heron pond" so called due to it's stately looking inhabitant who sits on the little island in the centre of the pond, regarding everyone with slight distaste.

It was gorgeous and sunny, and we set off at a good pace, chatting along the way. As we walked back I couldn't believe how small the hill (which was it turns out a gentle slope) now seemed. I remember struggling up that hill at a young age (my mother confirmed this stating that her comment was usually "you insisted on bringing the dolly and the pram, you can push it home") and then in the last few years have only ever been pushed up there myself in the wheelchair.

Excitingly I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be, although I did sleep for 14 hours so perhaps I was rather tired just not in the chronic worn out fatigue way I keep being nervous will return.

Anyway since I said I wasn't going to waffle on this blog I should shut up now.


Anonymous said...

Emily, there is just nothing to compare with a nice walk in the park. Another one of life's little pleasures that we don't appreciate enough. So glad to hear you are enjoying yourself.

Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Janet

Anonymous said...

Emily, always nice to go walking outside with someone, also the Gym can be nice, though not for me.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

Bless you my child you are a true inspiration to many and all. You show us a better side to ourselves and you will always shine like a star. We are with you all the way x