Sunday, May 27, 2007

I was browsing through some forums earlier which I found as they link our Live Life Then Give Life webpage. One thread was talking about a post we issued about a little girl called Angel, who’s in desperate need of a liver transplant. Several comments surprised me greatly. The general gist of them was “yes that is all very sad but what is the point of this post? What can we do about it?”

This surprised me because it goes against my natural way of thinking. Now I am not boasting, I wish this was a grand self taught ability due to my profound knowledge that this is the right way to be, but actually it is just because it comes as an instinct to me and I can’t help it. When I come up against an impediment, my first thought is what can be done to tackle it. It just never seems to occur to me that there can’t be anything done. I suppose this is a weakness as much as a strength, as it does unfortunately mean I throw myself at sometimes the most insurmountable of obstacles.

I know I am not the only one who thinks like this, there must be hundreds and thousands of people out there of a similar mindset. Is it natural, or have we taught ourselves to try and think like that? That is another discussion entirely. Yes my way of thinking can be tiring. It requires energy and proactiveness both of which take up a lot of time. It also does not always end in success. But the way I see it, if we all sat there and went “well I can’t do anything about it” then the world would just crumble. Medicines would never be discovered, new places never conquered, technology never advanced, the list goes on.

I cannot change the world. No one can, but the tiniest of gestures can make a difference. A smile and a cup of tea with a friend, a card to someone who is ill letting them know you are thinking about them, all these change things for people. And surely it is the minutes in someone’s day that make up someone’s life? Therefore surely you are changing their life in your own tiny way?

I don’t believe in fate. Well actually, I do a bit, but I believe that we are all responsible for our own lives. I had to read a philosopher called Satre as part of my French degree, I think his essay “l’existentialisme est un humanisme” made quite a lot of sense. If you want to do something, you need to get up and do it. Or at least try to do it, not just sit there contemplating whether it is actually all worth it and what if I don’t do it maybe someone else will.

My friend Emmie, who often comes out with more intelligent things than me, gave me a quote from Ghandi which seems to sum up what I am trying to say; “be the change that you want to see in the world”.

Anyway I figure even if I am wrong…at least I tried.


Anonymous said...

OK,'s another one for you...."Run, while you have the light of life" (St. Benedict). I too am a collector of wise words!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it certainly doesn't benefit anyone to just sit back and think "well I can't do anything about it" or "it's not my problem", and it's true that often one person can't make a huge difference, but we can all make some difference. Especially with something such as organ donation (where each individual can potentially save many lives), which can be promoted and awareness spread. There's no need to just leave it to someone else to figure out. We all have a responsibility to (at least try) do as much as we can when helping others is involved. I think, anyway.
I hope Angel gets her call soon.
Love always, Kat xxx

Anonymous said...

An example of the seed being broadcast on rocky ground: When I e-mailed my friends and colleagues to draw their attention to the Live Life then Give Life campaign, amongst the positive comments I received about them sharing views on organ donation with family was one, just saying that they didn't like the t-shirts and wouldn't be buying one. Some people just don't get the point.

Anonymous said...

You both such inspirations to everyone and have managed to promote plight of those people in need or deperate for organ donation... and if more people join organ donor register etc and read such hearbreaking stories like Angel etc then all t more chance of 'hope' for herself and her family.

Im sure if others where in Angels families shoes then tehy may well feel soo differenly when its 'so close to home etc'.Can appreciate some may feel upset reading articles lie Angels but sadly its reality and really need help from people ike ourselves to promote their desperate need of organs etc.
Rach and her sisters have done 6th form presentations all about need for organ donors etc and seeing Rach come through everything and the chance of 'gift of life' has made soo many students aware about organ donation and many sign the register etc.. Soo many students had soo many questions and with Rach and the transplant co-ordinator could allay fears and give relevant inofrmation/leaflets resources etc about Organ Donation. Just our way of thanking the donor/family and TRYING to help others' in similar situations too.

much luv to you all and livelifegivelife...........
Elaine Rach & family xxxx

ps Soo hope 'someone' is able to help Angel before its too late.......Our thoughts and prayers go out to Angel and her family....

Jac said...

I remember when I told my doctor I wanted to do Medicine at uni, despite not having good health. He said to me "surely it would be better not to try, than to try and fail."

I actually couldn't believe someone would think like that! I replied "No, it's better to try and fail,than to never try at all" But in actual fact, I don't think you can ever fail by trying, because although you might not get the desired, or the expected, outcome you can still enjoy experiences you would not have otherwise encountered.

Your blog entry also makes me think of the "butterfly effect". That question:-
"Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in one country set off a Tornado in another?" where the smallest of changes in a system triggers a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. You just never can tell where one gesture, one good deed, one "plea for a liver donor" might end up.

Wow, that was deep for a Sunday afternoon. Need a wee lie down now.

Love and higs
Jac xx

Anonymous said...

i agree with you emily...and thats why i added the post to the kidney foru, even though i did get attacked for it, thats forums for you lol...but i wouldnt stop posting and spreading coz of those. i think that is the only thing do-able in the case of forums, and im doing that...anyway thanks. ps - you wouldnt be able to get any updates on angel would you? id love to know how shes doing.
pps - so glad youre doing so well!! tc emily :)
nelly (kpg)

It's Her said...

" think like that. Is it natural or have we taught ourselves to think like that.."

It's natural. Well more like some people have an ability to think like that, like they have an ability to be musical but it needs to be nutured. I don't think its possible to change your instincts.

I know you specifically said That is another discussion entirely. but I thought I'd throw my opinion out there!

I find it baffling when people have, what could be described as a defeatist attitude. Or apathetic? Hmmmm...

Fi said...

I think I am trying to teach myslef to think positively, like you (as you know) - I thought it came naturally, but it obviously coild so with some working on. So thats what I'm doing.

Thank you for inspiring me again, it's a subtle but sublime effect you have on my outlook on life.

Mad Asthmatic said...

To sit back and say "what can I do" or "it is not my problem" is just being defeatist.

By one person signing up to become a organ donor there is another life that could potentially be saved.

One person does have the ability to make a difference in the world, even if it is just to make that person smile when they are down.

I try and raise awareness of the UK organ donation campaign,have a link on my blog. If just one person looks at the site and then decides to become an organ donor then I will feel as if I have achieved a small something.

Anonymous said...

My personal favourites:

There are two ways of spreading light -- to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ~ Edith Wharton

The Possible's slow fuse is lit
By the Imagination. ~ Emily Dickinson

Keep up the good work :D

Anonymous said...

I recently was described as a bull in a china shop at the school where I work. I feel there aer too many people out there doing very little wnd who feel uncomfortable when people want to do more. I may be a bit Bullish. I don't deny it. But I don't work in a china shop. If we do nothing to china it simply gathers dust. If we do nothing where people are concerned, people suffer. Come on the bulls.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps in some cases when people say, "what can I do about it?" it's meant as a rhetorical question and not to be taken literally.

Anonymous said...

you are so right Emily - saying "it's not our problem" is never the answer. We may only we able to help in a tiny way but we should always try to do our utmost for those with problems. I agree with you that we can give fate a hand; I don't think anything is inevitable and being tenacious and hanging on can work wonders.

Keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

How can anyone say such a ridiculous comment ? And as for the person who wrote to flipper... well quite frankly people like that should not even be considered for a transplant if they needed one. They should try and put themselves in the position of someone waiting for a transplant before coming out with such random comments !