Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Quickest of quick posts to say that Harefield went fine today and I am home (yay) and will write more tomorrow when my eyes are not insisting on closing of their own accord!


Anonymous said...

Glad everything is ok, and also that you had such a fab weekend. Was a really good reminder to enjoy the beautiful things in life such as beautiful scenery and lovely weather! Hope your recovery keeps going, and look forward to hearing about more of your exploits!

love Cal

Mad Asthmatic said...

glad things went ok at the Harefield and that you had such a wonderful weekend.
Enjoy the lovel weather

Anonymous said...

glad to hear your tests went well. I'm also glad u had a nice time in liverpool! hope 2 see u some time soon
lots of love nd best wishes
Jennie Higgins

Anonymous said...

Just cought up on your last few posts, so lovely to hear about your great weekend, you deserve it so much and much much more. Glad the hospital went well. Lots of love xxx. And Emmie, if your reading, love the hicups comment!