Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorry for the long delay between posts yet again...

You can always tell when life is going well as I am around less to write long waffle, so yet again do take it as a good sign :)

On Friday 6th, Oli and I went and spoke at a day organised by Harefield for Transplant professionals. It was a fascinating day (I attended some of the other talks) and it was wonderful to get to see so many members of the Transplant team that I don't really come into contact with any more. One of the weirdest moments was sitting on a chair having a cup of tea during one of the breaks when two of my transplant surgeons came and stood either side of me; the last time I was looking up at their faces together was when I was in ICU fully ventilated so it was a very bizarre feeling!

Things have been pretty manic really; I mentioned below, we had a busy but wonderful day on Saturday with a LLTGL meeting. I have a huge work thing coming up; my choir, which I started up in a local High school back in September won a competition at Christmas and consequently have a rather large concert coming up. They are working so very very hard but it's a huge mountain of a challenge and most of my time is going into preparation for it at the moment. At some point I think I'm supposed to be fitting a birthday in this week.

On Monday I was back up at Harefield for a checkup and I'm pleased to say it was shiny gold stars all round (whoop whoop). Sats monitor bleeped merrily at 100%, lung function is STILL creeping up, kidney levels were much better, in fact so much so that I was allowed to bipass Mr Kidneyman and head straight home! A glowing report and a fond "don't come back anytime soon" to send me on my way. Couldn't ask for any more than that really could I. I cannot explain how wonderful it is to be so busy and to still be well. I don't think that will ever stop being a novelty.

I shall try and write again a bit sooner but for now here's a picture of my mother demonstrating her delight at her favourite birthday present; memotoast - a plastic toaster which pops up toast-shaped memos for you to write notes on. Clearly nothing like my calm and mature self.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday this week :D celebrate in style!
fab idea for your mums birthday pressie lol
take care and glad to see you enjoying life and keeping busy...Health happiness and love to you...

best wishes Elaine & Rach xx

Gilly said...

Happy birthday Miss! Sorry I missed it, I hope you had a great day.

Muchly love - Gilly xx