Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And yet another week goes by without me posting...

...but let me assure you it was a fantastic week!

The concert (which I had been losing sleep over I was so nervous) was absolutely fantastic. My Choir did me proud, and the performance was full of heart and energy. We have received loads of compliments including a letter to the school from one of the audience members, so it was most definitely a success. Thank you so much to all of you who sent good luck messages or who came to see it.

Very exciting thing this week....back in June 2007, Robyn and I decided to create a booklet on CF and Relationships, as we felt there was little support material out there on this subject. It was Robyn's idea originally and I said I'd love to join her in doing it. Sadly Robyn's transplant didn't come in time and naturally the project ground to a halt.

However after her family mentioned to me how much she would have liked the project to be completed, the wonderful Jac offered her assistance and suddenly we were up and running again!

Around 60 pwcf and/or their partners contributed to this booklet, and after many many MANY hours of work (far more on Jac's part as she fought with all the layout, design and proof reading) it is finally finished!

The booklet attempts to touch on all sorts of potential issues arising from CF being a part of a relationship; from starting out, to moving in, from sex to fertility, to end of life issues. All the content is provided by real pwcf and their other halves, and it is their contributions that hopefully make the finished product such a valuable resource.

The CF Trust have put it on their website for download, which is v exciting recognition of the work that has gone in, and the wonderful Gary Torrance Memorial Fund has funded a batch of booklets to be printed so we can send them to all the specialist adut CF units across the country.

Seeing it all completed made me feel both happy and sad; thrilled that we have completed it and that hopefully this will really help people, and saddened that Robyn will never get to see her idea as a finished product.

Last week of work before Easter hols for me this week - after Friday I am actually quite ready for the rest!

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Molly said...

Glad to hear you've had an enjoyable and productive week :)

Congratulations on making such a success of the concert and well done with completing the CF booklet.

Enjoy your break over Easter.
Moll x x