Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look, it's me. Back when I was small and cute.

So I am now a quarter of a century old. A bit scary, but mostly very exciting that I got this far. That sounds incredibly melodramatic (and is a touch) but in all seriousness, if you look back over the years, it is quite miraculous that I am still here to whoop and dance around a lot.

To me, the biggie is 31. That's the age I really want to get to, and when I do, I shall have the biggest party in the history of mankind. This is for two reasons; firstly it will be 10 years since I was told I would only survive another year without new lungs, and secondly, and more importantly, I will have beaten that god-awful CF statistic: the Average Life Expectancy.

It can really hang over your head that one. Ironically, my rapid decline in later years meant it didn't actually bother me at all as I began to look upon it as a favourable target rather than an expiry date, but I know it’s a number that many people in the CF community focus on. Therefore I’d rather like to smash it up a bit when I get there.

Life for me at the moment continues to flow in the calm and rational manner that water does when hurtling over a rocky precipice. I have a huge concert coming up on Friday and I am both terrified and wonderfully excited. I hope it goes well; for my pupils more than anything…but also because I’m the one standing at the front if it all falls apart.

Quick musing (plus somewhat blatant plug) before I go; this post, is worth a read. I like it for several reasons; firstly it mentions me. Secondly it discusses the phenomenon of blogging; a topic I’ve chewed over a few times on here as I am truly fascinated in what attracts people to blog and to read blogs.
I can only really answer for myself on this one; I blog because I like to write. And, let’s face it, I like others to read what I write. I blog because I find it cathartic, I find it helps unjumble the spaghetti of my mind. I have used it as an outlet when the words are too frightening to say out loud, as a method of communication, as a diary, as a soapbox, as a notepad, as a canvas.

I read a variety of blogs myself. Mostly those of people with CF or transplant patients. Others I read for entertainment value or because of their writing style. I read them to keep up to date with people, with situations, and to educate myself. And if I’m honest, because I’m nosey. I love blogging, and it’s a fascinating and ever-growing phenomenon. Whilst we’re on the subject, do feel free to jot down any of your favourite blogs so I can go and nose over there too. And please, wish me luck for Friday…


Post Pals said...

Just wanted to wish you a VERY happy birthday

Holly said...

good luck for friday!! sounds really exciting! ]
looking forward to finally meeting you on D-Day!! xxx

Aunty P said...

Are we supposed to say something along the lines of 'oh but you are still small and cute'???
A very happy birthday - slightly late and good luck for Friday
Pauline x

Anonymous said...

good luck for friday princess, not that you need it!n x x x x

Anonymous said...

I should very much like for you to not meet your 'beating the CF average by getting to 31 goal' because I should like to think that, in six years time, we'll have squeezed a few more years out of it. Maybe it'll only be 32...but that's the goal, for me. Of course, by hitting 31 in your stride, you're contributing to moving it higher! So your aim is still a good'un.

Sorry to get technical, but do you know if it's the mean or median (I am assuming sadly that it is unlikely to be modal) age at death?

also, I can't believe you are so young! You seem far too grown up to be just a young'un. But I suppose life has done that to you.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it now 37 years?! think 31 is out of date! x

Anonymous said...

Good luck for Friday hun, wish me luck am having my port removed on Monday, going in Sunday night!

Speak to you soon.

Lisa x

ps. Did you like the B.day card I made you??