Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Harefield update as promised:

I am a tad put out. I always had this complex before my transplant that I shouldn't start thinking I was onto a winning streak as inevitably my body would step in and throw a spanner in the works (interesting mix of images there).

A year of playing it safe and my lung function has been impeccably behaved. Then I start my first ever full time job….and my lung function dips for the first ever time post transplant.

Now I know it’s not the job. How do I know? I just do. I am suspecting it has rather more to do with a certain head cold which had me snuffling all last week. But seeing as my immunosuppressant levels have also dipped a bit, I have had a change of medication doses which means….I have to go back up there on Monday morning.

If there is no improvement, then the dreaded “R” word is immediately investigated and I will need a bronchoscopy. I was less than amused when heading back out into the hospital grounds and may or may not have been sporting the face of a five year old whose ice-cream has fallen out of its cone and onto the floor.

As has happened to me before when I’ve been feeling sorry for myself, perspective introduced itself with a gentle nudge, this time by the way of a gentleman who hesitantly asked if my name was Emily. When I replied in the affirmative, he grasped my hand and informed me he was John’s father.

I had the privilege of meeting John when I was in for my last bronchoscopy. Really lovely guy, warm smile, friendly and emailed me at a later date to say thanks for popping my head round the door and we emailed back and forth a bit.

His father was gentle, dignified and kind, and informed me that I make more of a difference than I’ll ever know. How someone can have the inclination to tell someone something so warm like that at such a time is beyond me. I hope if John’s father reads this he will know what a lot that meant to me, and how I was merely humbled by his kind words.

So all of the above considered, I am absolutely fine. I need another little check up next week, but am working away merrily all this week and still loving it. If an additional appointment and some further tests is all that’s required at present I’m in a rather peachy position and intent to remember that this week.


suzie said...

Hey hun, things have a way of doing the full circle, what you give out you usually get back in one way or another. Its good you met John today and I'm sure it was good for him as well.

Get the ice cream back in the cone, I'm sure you're spot on and its the sniffles that caused the blip.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, keeping everything crossed that on monday your lung function is back up, with lots of love Viks

Anonymous said...

I hope it's just a temporary dip caused by the head cold, and that the medication change will sort everything out...fingers crossed for you! :)

Love xxx

Anonymous said...

Best of luck for your new job and that you'll enjoy continued good health. xx

Anonymous said...

This is a reminder to you that you are not super human and that you will get colds and coughs and sniffles and hopefully these are little glitches in your new life - albeit I'm sure inwardly frightening to you - but I know you very well and I know you won't let it beat you because I see you going far and doing much more with your life than you have done so far - the world is your oyster and don't ever remember that you mean far more than you will ever know to us parents of children with CF - we love you - I love you and without you I just couldn't keep going - doing the things I do. xxx

Anonymous said...

don't forget that should read! Note to oneself - read thought comments before publishing! xx

Emmie said...


Anonymous said...

don't panic, Emily - I'm sure e
verything will be fine by Monday. These sudden temperature drops have us all feeling off colour but I bet you won't need any distressing tests. We your fan club are all rootin' for you.
God bless and take care,

Anonymous said...

It's fine that you had a pouty face; everything is going so well for you and it's far from ideal to hear that kind of news. I think it's the CF way; to be sulky and irritated for five seconds then face it head on with determination. We all know you will.
Good luck for next week
Audrey xx

Sarah Milne said...

Hope things went OK today Em xxx