Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My birthday was excellent and I was totally and utterly spoilt as usual. A and my mother decided that this year I should blow out all 24 candles in one go, which I duly did and was rather chuffed with myself.

Since my last post I have been to two exotic locations; France and Sheffield (one arguably more exotic than the other)

Sheffield was for work and involved me travelling up there on my own and staying in a hotel on my own. Now for a 24 year old (woohoo!) that's not really a big ask, but I still find these moments of assumed independence oddly unnerving. There’s absolutely no reason why I wouldn’t be fine doing this, but I suppose when you’ve been so heavily reliant on others and so used to people being with you for everything, “firsts” are always a tad unsettling.

As it turns out, I loved it. It was great to be in the hotel by myself, and a fantastic confidence booster when you face something you’re unsure you can do (had fantastic visions of me ending up in Aberdeen or somewhere).

Whilst in Sheffield I had the privilege of meeting Nattie’s mum. Having been “working” with rather poorly people for a while now, it takes quite a bit to shake me the way Nattie’s story has. She is close friends with Rachel, another completely awe-inspiring young lady. These two are not even 21 and have faced more than most of us will face in a lifetime already and are still smiling. Please pay their page a visit; every time I do it inspires me.

Then to France over Easter; 3 days of eating, drinking, taking in the sights, eating a bit more…a fantastic break. Back to work today (which I am still loving) and so life continues to move at a rapid but exciting pace. Oh and last of all watch this space for some exciting Live Life Then Give Life news coming soon…


Anonymous said...

If you ever do end up being summonsed to Aberdeen, gie me a yell. I used to stay there a couple of times a month and can recommend a hotel (work budget friendly) which is much nicer than your ten-a-penny travel lodge.

glad you enjoyed the exec lifestyle. I used to enjoy challenging myself to have swanky meals within my expenses budget. It's amazing what you can do!

Anonymous said...

Hey if you ever do end up in Aberdeen there's a few up here who would be delighted to 'spoil' you. Just check out your blog now and then these days, but it always makes my heart sing. Live life and keep loving it. Linda-Jane

Holly said...

You little jet setter!

Glad you had a nice birthday!

Keep Smilin x