Monday, March 10, 2008

Today was a little strange.

I woke up at 2.30 am with a splitting headache and didn't really get back to sleep after that. Then got up and staggered around getting ready to go to hospital, not quite considering it might not be such a good idea to jump in the car feeling so rough. After an hour sitting in traffic I pulled over and was, erm, a tad sick.

Having clearly lost my sanity along with my breakfast I continued driving (not advised) and managed to get to harefield in one piece. My lovely friend who had the joyous pleasure of living with me for 3 years at uni met me there and looked after me whilst I dozed on a bed in a sideroom. Goodness knows what was going on with my body this morning but it wasn't pleasant.

The good news however is that my lung function is way up! And after my blood results and Xray all came back clear I was allowed to go home, as my consultant wisely pointed out just because you are post transplant doesn't make you immune to picking up the odd nasty which everyone else is just as susceptible to as you.

So to summarise: everything is fine. Taking it easy tonight. Lung function is fab. so hurrah for that!


suzie said...

YAY! for LF being fab, hope you feel a whole lot better in the morning hun.

Loadsa love.

Anonymous said...

Yippeeeeeee, fabbydabbydoo LF. :D :D :D

Jax xx

Emmie said...

WOO HOOOOO! Been thinking about you today and hoping the results were good. Hope the sickyness sorts itself out soon too xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh no, I hope you're feeling better now! Hopefully the sickness was just the result of a dodgy meal (not that I'm suggesting you are a bad cook, as I know very well that you are not!) or a 24hr bug that you picked up!

Yey for good lung function! :D Well done lungs!

Love xxx

Anonymous said...

I knew it!! Well done, I thought of you all day every day since your last blog. You probably got yourself into a little state about the med tests which made you more susceptible to picking up a bug or whatever it was. Try never to worry, it doesn't solve anything.

You take care, young lady, and have fun...........
Janet (swissfriend)

Anonymous said...

Emily, take care of yourself, get well soon.

Love, Randall

Sandylizz said...

Glad to hear your lung function is back up.... Yay... Hope your feeling much better today too! xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad your well Em's! Colds are sods! I happily drove up to see my family last weekend to find they all have colds! I thanked them promplty for the warning i.e I wouldn't have come! Heehee. Its now Thursday and I'm hoping I have come away unscathed or there will be lots of sore ears in my family : )