Monday, August 13, 2007

This weekend was yet another landmark; I was whisked off by A for a long weekend in the North of France. This was my first holiday abroad for years, and mine and A’s first (with just the two of us) since 2001! I did quite a bit of driving and drove in France for the first time! Was somewhat nervous and kept asking if I was doing it right, which was probably self-answerable by the fact that I wasn’t passing hundreds of cars coming directly at me or anything like that.

We stayed in a beautiful old farmhouse, and spent the weekend wandering round the small local town, eating, drinking, and eating some more…generally having a really blissful time. A mentioned at one point he imagined trying to do this with Claire, denzel and co in tow; although we did go abroad with Claire when I was just on O2 overnight, it just would have been a logistical nightmare and probably impossible to do so once I was on 24 hour oxygen. We had a wonderful few days and were extremely reluctant to return home again! I still can’t quite comprehend the difference between last summer and this summer, I mean it is actually like I am a different person! Things have just changed beyond all expectation, I have my life back.

Today was back into the swing of things with a bang; our friend Peter’s story hit the Mirror on Thursday, and today channel 5 news picked it up, so I was off to the studios at midday to do a prerecord as the “expert opinion” from LLTGL (I still have to try not to giggle when the word expert is used in conjunction with my name). I only said a sentence or two so not sure if it will be used but either way Peter's story should be on about 5.30 tonight. Peter got a false alarm the day the story appeared in the Mirror and although it sadly didn’t go ahead it was hopefully a boost to him his wife and his gorgeous children that there is still a chance and if someone makes that decision a whole new life is ahead of them...


Anonymous said...

Emily, nice to hear you had a real vacation.

Stay healthy,

Love, Randall

Jac said...

Fantastique! Errr, as you know, thats the limit of my French vocabulary ;-) Glad you enjoyed the trip - it sounded blissful.

Here's to many more trips..


Anonymous said...

Zut alors!! (What a comedy phrase from my schooldays) - YOU LEFT THE COUNTRY!! Sounds fantastic - start getting used to the normality, there is so much more of it ahead for you.

Audrey xx