Saturday, August 25, 2007

I need a pinny. You know a really cute little 1940's style apron. Something like this. I want one because I have finally learned how to bake. OK stop laughing, I know I am 23, but my lungs didn't really like the whole mixing and standing by the oven thing, and before they got poorly, I would offer to help my mum and then wander off as something more interesting had come along (v short attention span when I was younger, to be honest not vastly improved now.)

So having discovered the joy of baking I spent all yesterday afternoon baking cakes then all yesterday evening preparing a heap of food for a friends BBQ. I am wondering if this is finally my new found love of cooking that Lucy hoped would show after me watching endless cookery programmes when in Harefield or whether I shall wander off slightly bored within a week or so. Time will tell. And no those who know me cannot start asking for cakes on request yet, I am still learning.

Yesterday I also finished putting together my Harefield album. It was such a huge part of my life that I really want to remember it, have a souvenir of it, but yet be able to put it to one side and move forward. So I made an album. It has some photos (predominantly taken with A’s phone, for example me grinning like a maniac just before I went into theatre) lots of extracts from cards and letters, and the infamous photo of my attempted scrawl of “no one likes a butt-munch” aimed at a member of the medical team that I was clearly irritated at and written whilst still supposedly sedated and on the vent.

Whilst going through the huge bag of letters and cards I still have, I found a post card which a friend sent to me around the time of my discharge. It contained a poem by Maya Angelou which I think is amazing so I will finish with it. Said person also said the poem reminded her of me, which was a huge compliment. Have a great weekend.

Sure I'll sail them.
Show me the boat,
If it'll float,
I'll sail it.

Yes, I'll love them.
If they've got the style,
To make me smile,
I'll love them.

'Course I'll live it.
Let me have breath,
Just to my death,
And I'll live it.

I'm not ashamed to tell it,
I never learned to spell it.
Not failure.


Anonymous said...

Emily, sounds like your having a great time at the moment, and im sure your cakes taste great! i think that poem is great, and everyone should try and learn something from it- never give up. i think that the amount of people that have visited your website is great, and i hope that more people will keep visiting it, as we all have something to learn from this website
love jennie higgins

It's Her said...

I'm 20 and I still can't bake. I can't even boil an egg. How sad is that?? Mind you, I have three years to practise until I can say I'm 23 and still can't bake.

Sedation and Ventilation are funny words, supposdly to go hand in hand, but like you, if there was one, the other was usually noticably absent!

misdee said...

ooooo baking. a favourite pastime of mine. though my kids did get rather fed up of victoria sponge cakes when i was trying to make a perfect one for the school fete. poor kids. too much cake. lol.

Anonymous said...

Emily, carbohydrates are allowed in the run up to Hydro Challenge so feel free to eat away.
What a beautiful poem and I also think it suits you and your mindset.
Have a great weekend, Luv Maggie xxx

Jac said...

I must send you some of my mum's yummy baking recipes to try!

That poem is lovely - sums you up well :-)

Higs xxx

Jayne said...

Cooking, yes.. that pinny.. NO. You need a frilly one that ties at the waist.

You must bring your cooking to the Hydro for all to sample. No honest, it will be great.

Anonymous said...

Cool ;)

Love Sue G

Anonymous said...

P.S. See you at the Hydro... I'm counting on you to go slowly!!