Friday, August 17, 2007

Exciting news first and formost; Peter got his call!! It happened on Tuesday night and the operation went on to the early hours of the morning. His wife's blog is here and is well worth a read, or go there if you want to leave them a supportive message. It's early days yet but so far so good, I am just thrilled for them.

Wednesday marked one year since my false alarm. In the morning, I went out into the garden and sat quietly at the back, just having a moment of thought and reflection for the family - wherever they are - who lost someone that day and who made the decision to donate. OK the op couldn't go ahead, but these people still made that choice, and it definitely renewed my faith that this might actually happen for me and helped keep me fighting. They were marking a very different anniversary that day....I hope it wasn't too difficult for them.

I am getting rather nervous about the hydro active now. I have been training (see blog) but probably not as regularly as I should have (real life keeps getting in the way) and am now a little scared. I mean I have come on leaps and bounds; when I first started I was doing 5 minutes at a time and now am up to 20, but that still isn't enough. I have faith in my amazing Angels to help me, but a big part of it is down to me. Will I be able to do it? The medical team thinks it's a big stretch, 5k is a long way when only back in January you had no muscle mass whatsoever and had to learn to walk again. Not to mention the whole new lungs element.

Anyway, enough fretting. I am going to try my hardest. That's all I can do really. Just under a month to go...


Lorraine said...

Have no doubt whatsoever that you'll walk all the way round - albeit with a few sit down's if you like and I'll join you for a cuppa and a cake while you recoup!! You just have to take it steady, focus and enjoy! We'll all make sure you have a fabulous day - an extra special one for that extra special person. xx

misdee said...

hey em!

still in a daze. saw signs on the way up for harefield fun run, think me and the girls will be doing it, late entrants as always lol.

good luck with the hydro active, i'm sure you can do it, if anyone can you can!


Anonymous said...

Emily, I am worried that you will be walking too fast for me! Yesterday I walked from Langley Vale to Headley, had lunch, and walked back. That was over rough ground so I think Hyde Park should be a lot easier. See you there if not before.
Pleased to hear Peter's news.
Margaret W

suzie said...

It doesn't matter what time we wander over the finish line, if we want to stop for an hour, we will. I'll nick a trolley from Tesco's on my way down to the park and we can take turns in it.

Loadsa love.

Anonymous said...

Hi emily,
dont worry im sure you will b fine - and you may say that a few months go u had no muscles what so ever, but look how far youve come since then, im sure youyr hydro active thing will just be another chapter in your amazing story (and a chapter that you will look back on and say -"well it wasnt as hard as i thought")
love jennie higgins

Anonymous said...

Emily, from what I know of you, if you want to do something, you will, so the walk will be successful.

Have a great weekend, Love, Randall

The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

I am sure that you are going to manage the Hydro Active one way or another!

Glad to read that everything is going well.

All our love

Bev and Lucy xx