Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gaz was one of my first close friends with CF. When I say close, I mean he wasn't just an acquaintance where the only similarity we had was our health, he was a friend; someone I would chat to regularly about anything and nothing, would phone when I was sad, would phone when I was happy, we were generally both there for each other. We set up pwcf.net together and working on that with him was so much fun...I have been bad and let it slip a bit, but with some help and support I am getting together new items to keep it updated and fresh. I know Gaz would be severely berating me for not doing this sooner.

Back in the days when cross infection policies were not as strict as they are now, we would keep each other company in hospital, making a stay somewhat more riotous than it probably should have been. Gaz waited for a transplant for 14 months. It never came.

He would have been 25 years old today. His family are gorgeous and I keep in touch with them, so thinking of them especially today. Happy birthday Gazzy, missing you and your silly faces on msn, your advice, your humour, your support and your horrifically contagious giggle that would leave us both in coughing fits. Hope you’re proud of me and you know I regularly wiggle my stripey socked toes in your general direction. xxx


suzie said...

Hiya Em,

I spoke to Gaz a few times on the old forum, what a 'top bloke' he was.

I'm sure he'll be smiling loads watching you haring round enjoying your new life to the full.

Happy Birthday Gaz, thinking of all his family and friends and sending them much love.

Sue xxx

Jayne said...


Anonymous said...

Emily, sorry you lost someone so close.


Jac said...

Lovely post. Higs xx

Anonymous said...

I'm very sure Gaz would be highly proud of you Em and so pleased that you got your new puffers. Happy Birthday Gaz, even though I wasn't lucky enough to have known you
Lots of love