Sunday, October 08, 2006

A tiny update just to reassure people that I haven't dropped off the edge of the planet; the internet connection in the hospital decided to die on me on Wednesday, reaffirming the fact that I should clearly be heading in the home direction.

With test results remaining "stable", on Friday, I was discharged on "Weekend leave". However on doing so, I packed up my entire room, and my name was wiped off of the whiteboard for the first time since July. I was meaning to say goodbye and thank you to various members of staff but cried when I attempted this with the ward sister therefore aborted this idea quite swiftly. So mum and I quietly (well relatively speaking) loaded up the car, and left the hospital. As I say I am technically on weekend leave, as I will be ringing on monday to check in, but I have no fixed return date for the first time since this whole episode began. We are taking things very cautiously (hence me not posting this until today!) one day at a time....but for now, it feels indescribably good to be home.


Simba said...

Big smiles from Leeds :D xxx

diddyangel said...

I am SO happy to read this!!!!
Stay smiley and happy and take it easy till you get your call no more acrobatics ;)
Love you lots

Pip said...

That's wonderful, wonderful news!! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend and fingers crossed for an extended release!!
lots of love
Pip x

Kat said...

YEY! Woohoo! That's such great news! :D I hope you've had a fab weekend at home, and you won't have to head back into hospital until you get that call...
Loads of love xxx

Pauline said...

That's super news Emily. Well done finally getting home. Long may it last - until you get your special call.



klics04 said...

Emily here in Cyprus we say seger seger! (slowly slowly) sending you home hugs. kevnles

Sian said...

whoop whoop! im very impressed that your finally having a long break from the brompton (do u like how i'm wording it?! loooong those lungs don't get their own ideas lol!) enjoy hon. lots of love xxx

Shadow said...

Finally, escape, release, freedom!!!
Sticky uppy thoughts continuing along with stay-y outy ones!!
Although hopefully you'll be back in again for some new lungs!!
Here's hoping that the phone call on Monday is just that!

sally 1 said...

Emily, That is fantastic. I was thinking of you today while I was walking the dog. There was a car in the carpark with pin and fluffy velour seat covers!! Suitable only for a homeward bound princess.


Anonymous said...

Great news! Hope you get your call for transplant really soon and in the meantime take it easy, lots of pink and fluffy times, and enjoy your escape to freedom!!!
Good Luck, and big smiles all round, with love xxxx D

Anonymous said...

What fantasic news! I really hope those lungs decide they have had enough of the hospital and behave for you.. Enjoy being out and being back at home...

xx Sandy xx

Michele said...

Hi Emily,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend at home with family and friends. Hope you get that special call soon.

Take Care.

Kate & Alice said...

Fantastic! Well done- a lot of hard work and determination..
Hope you have had a great weekend and don't have to go back.
Lots of love,

Jacqui said...

That's wonderful news. I'm sure that being home will be a great tonic. Wishing you many small positive steps towards better health. xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news you @ home did perhaps wonder that you had maybe escaped hospital ;)

Sending positive vibes for you and wish you well..... ;)

(((hugz))) Elaine Rach & family xxx

Anders Gibson said...

Woo Hoo!

I'm feeling that!

Take care

Alice said...

Fantastic EM! That is such brilliant news. Really really happy to hear that. ENjoy yourself but take it easy.
lots of love

swissfriend said...

Hi Emily,
It is so good to know you are home, especially on extended leave. I knew you'd do it. You just keep on taking baby steps each day, until you finally get yourself back to normal good health. I know how wonderful nursing staff are everywhere but at the end of the day there's really no place like home. So enjoy.......Lots of love, J.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!! am so glad to hear your home sweetie! hope you are totally enjoying it. sending lots of love and yayful thoughts xxxx

Charlotte said...

This has made my day!!!! Emily you little star-i may be rivalling you for the pinkness and smiliness at the moment. Astounding news, my seminar tutor will wonder whats gotten into me when i march into her room in 2 hours beaming like a cheshire cat with an extra large coathanger in its mouth! Big big hugs to you missy xxxx

MoO said...

fingers crossed for you Emily that you will be home for good!

Love MoO and Gracie lou xx

livvy said...

Great to hear your back at home to the comforts you need and the extra special attention deserved. Take it easy - make sure your waited on foot and hand all day long! xx

rachel said...

virtual HIGH FIVE to you!!
long may it last..

loads of love xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey poppit! You give me so much strength, and you have inspired many of my friends and my family. I have only been listed for a month and three days. I admire your strength! *hugs* You can do this! I wish I could fly over there and give you ahuge hug. After I get my lungs I promise to come over there on my way to germany for a vacation! *winks* You have many CFers over here in the states rooting for you! Take care hun.

-Breath_Seeker- Nikki

annemac101 said...

What great news hope your having a wonderful time at home but take things easy hope you stay out for a long time .
love Annex

Kitten said...

Much Love Ems, Thinking about you. Glad to hear you are home, well kinda home, for a while.

Lots of love and hugs coming your way Kitten xxxxxxx

swissfriend said...

Hi Emily,
I know it's a bit early but am off to the UK for a few days with no pc access so just wanted to wish you a good rest of the week and weekend. Take it easy and keep well. Will be rootin' for you all the time. Love, J.

Anonymous said...

Aww Emily thats fantastic news! I'll keep checking back to see how you are doing. Hope you had a lovely time at home!!
Keep fighting you little angel!
Hannah Banana (myspace)