Friday, September 04, 2009

There haven't been many blogs about me recently. Mostly about what else is going on. This is for a number of reasons, but the two primary ones are that I do rushed blogs now and also that nothing that interesting is happening with me!

Health is good. Really good. To the extent that my last visit to Harefield was back in March. I am going up there at the end of the month for a checkup; I just phoned and begged to change the appointment as I have been booked for a talk up in London to quite a powerful audience on the original clinic date, so I don't want to change that if I can help it!

The thing is with feeling so well and "normal" is that I get used to only having to do normal things. The phone call just now brought with it quite an uncomfortable realisation that I haven't been to my GPs to have my bloods checked recently (oh dear, will be in hugefat trouble and deservedly so). When real life is all that takes up your day to day, it becomes harder to remember (or accept) when you have to step out of it. This is all hugely positive, incidentally.

I have been asked to attend an occupational health appointment in relation to some work I'm doing, which, in a calm and reasonable manner, I was instantly infuriated by. But why on earth should I be?! It's for my own protection as well as the employers, and one would imagine that with my, somewhat extensive medical history, they'd err on the cautious and request one. But my instant reaction was one of "there's nothing wrong with me!" which is interesting, and also rather nice.

A and I have been in our gorgeous little house for a month now. I love it. Very much. People used to say to me "being normal isn't all that you know, what with bills and work and responsibilities..." I think it's awesome. Honestly. Maybe that's just because I am constantly aware of how lucky I am to even be experiencing it.


Me said...

being normal is great! People don't realise how good they have it. Very naughty though not going to the gp's, slap on the wrist I think! :o) xx

Tinypoppet said...


I know Gem, I need the slap! Definitely not deliberate, more absent-mindedness....large neon posters on my desk to remind me needed I think ;)

Hope you are ok xx

suzie said...

Good to hear about YOU even if it is all run of the mill normal stuff.

Second 'slap on the wrist' for blood thing ;-) x x x

lulu said...

about having responsibility and being able to do 'normal' things. It seemed such a far removed thing just over a year ago for me! Hun I think your ace and like you, I sometimes get so absorbed in the real world that I leave the medical world behind...not such a bad thing just as long as we keep up with the protocol!

Love ya gorgeous! Glad u loving ur new happy home :-) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Occ Health will ask you some questions, stick it on file and never bother you again (if they are anyting like mine) but you'll gain a contact and they are there then if ever you need them. Which you wont.

Audrey xx