Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stolen idea from fellow blogger Becky (who keeps a blog about her life as a mum to 2 children with CF)...

Q & A.

Ask me a question. Ask me more than one if you like. Anonymous questions are fine (as can be posted on my blog, for those of you who are reading this in note form on FB it's ) and do ask me anything (although I don't guarantee I'll answer anything, even a pinkandsmiley loud mouth has some privacy, honest!)

You have 1 week to question me about life, CF, transplant, LLTGL, me myself and I, all of the above....or anything else for that matter.



Anonymous said...

What job are you doing at the moment, you talk about it but never really said what it is?

Anonymous said...

Same as above! Are you working full-time these days?

Anonymous said...

When you were a student in Bristol where were your favourite places to party?

Emma said...

OK... how about what's the achievement in your life you are proudest of? And what's the one thing you want to do next more than anything else goal wise?

Oh and if three questions are allowed - what's your favourite book ever? I like to ask everyone that question because I'm always looking for new things to read!

Hope asking questions as a rare commenter is OK!

Anonymous said...

What is your lung function post tx?

Anonymous said...

how do you feel about having children post tx? is it a complete no-no for you? i am listed for transplant, and its the one thing thats scares me, the thought of not being able to have kids, and what any potential future husband will say about it...would be interested in your view, thoughts or feelings. x

ChrisB said...

Before your transplant you seemed as positive and upbeat as you are now (I'm a complete stranger and I was sad/worried for you-but hopeful!).
With everything that your CF came with, what did you do or what made you keep so up beat and positive?
What was your honest expecations in terms of a) actually getting a transplant and b) life after it if it did come?

Anonymous said...

You keep your life with Adam private but can you tell us three great things about him, apart from the obvious ones

Anonymous said...

Hi Em

I want to know what keep A going through your darkest moments?? Please don't feel you have to answer this I know it's not about you and A is a very private person. xxx


Chris Stovell said...

Hello Honey! Thanks very much for visiting and the kind comment you made - I can't even begin to do justice to the subject so I'm relieved you approved and if it's reached out to a few more people that's good. Best wishes - and much more - to Jess as well. Cx

Anonymous said...

do you find it hard doing all the tx awareness raising? Do you not sometimes just want to fade into the background and forget about it all?

It wont let me log in!

Anonymous said...

oOOPS I'm a bit late! I was wondering if you've done any singing professionally or in a band or anything as you seems to have a good voice?

Molly said...

Hope I'm not too late Em.

What's your favourite film? And why?

Take care,
Moll x x

Rebecca said...

Hi hun,

Am I too late to ask a question??

I also wanted to ask about your job, so I'm glad someone else did, lol!

I wanted to ask - how has your transplant has affected those around you, your siblings, parents and your hubby?

And when you were little, what did you want to be?


Becky xxx

Me said...

Has your transplant affected your relationship with your husband? Since you used to be so poorly and dare I say dependant on him and now you are equals so to speak?
Sorry I know thats quite personal so don't answer it if you don't want!