Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've been a bit quiet recently.

(she says stating the obvious).

This was mostly to do with work being so busy. Which I did pre-warn about. I've also had a bit of a confuddled head. Heading out of the mist now.

I was sorting through some old boxes (for reasons that will become apparent soon!) and came across a batch of cards and letters. They were from when I had my rather hefty pneumo which made a good attempt on my life (but failed - ha). I was lost in memories for the next half an hour as I ploughed my way through every single one. It only took a few to have me in tears. People can be so giving, so generous, simply by taking the time to reach out and let someone know that they are in their thoughts.

The support and friendship I was shown at that hugely vulnerable time was incredible and I am still overwhelmed by it when reading them all again now. I think it was a very important time for me to rediscover them as I have been feeling uber-sorry for myself this last week, and revisiting the past was a hugely positive thing as it essentially showed me that I need to get the hell up and slap myself about a bit.

On this note of supporting those in need, I would like to give a little mention to Postpals. These guys are fantastic and I think it's well worth popping over to their website to see what they do.

I am now on Summer holidays (YAY!) so be prepared for slightly more frequent posting! Hurrah!

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Jac said...

yeah, sometimes we just need a reminder of how far we have come, and how short life is. Glad you are more smiley again :-)